sunday morning….

Sometimes I tell Sweetous she is bi-polar. Now, I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist, so this is all just speculation on my part. She doesn’t really get depressed that I have noticed but sometimes she does get awfully ambitious; like something just comes and bites her on the ass all of a sudden. When this happens it is often me that feels the pain ! LOL !Last week we gutted our closet and Friday we bought new shelves etc. for it. So yesterday Sweetous paints it while I am gone and then I laid down floor tiles. Next weekend the shelves come and we will put them in together. Anyway, I wake up this morning and the kitchen is all tore up and the cupboards are half painted and taken apart; Sweetous told me she did that last night while I was sleeping. She went to bed at 2:00am. So that was in addition to the closet.

So, as if that was not enough, this morning she comes over to me while I am on the computer and asks me if I want to pull the desks out of the computer room and lay down new floor tiles in there ! I told her no, no, no, and hell no !

She’s my sweetie and I love her, but she sure does get hyper ambitious sometimes ! Whatever bit her on the ass yesterday did a hell of a job. Yikes ! Sweetous is downstairs somewhere, and I cannot hear her. I better go see what she is doing.

christmas ’06

It was a rather hectic Christmas. LB and Steve both worked and Sweetous was watching dogs for the past 3 days. I went in to work some over the weekend; and also visited with Sweetous everyday. We had Christmas dinner at LB and Steve’s house. Nothing like what my Ma used to cook, or my Sister in law cooks now; we got a pre-fab turkey dinner at Safeway. It was good, but of course doesn’t measure up to down home cooking.Sweetous and I will visit my parents tomorrow and Thursday. We intended to stay ’til Friday or Saturday, but there were unexpected developments at Sweetous’ workplace and she has to work on Friday afternoon. I had taken leave Thurs and Friday but I will try to sneak out real early tomorrow. I did get a lot done today and should finish the project I was working on tomorrow. So, I will likely be able to leave early. Hell there was hardly anyone at work today anyway. That is a big advantage of my job over Sweetous’, I do have a lot of flexibility in my hours.

Go figure….

Well, I was intending to finish the tape I was transcribing today, but such will not be the case. I had to goto the doctor early this morning ’cause of watering eyes since last night. Then, I find that I must cart about 30 boxes of old files from the other building over to my office. These are to be sent to Iron Mountain for storage. I also received 3 more tapes to transcribe; all for the same case. So, I go from slow days to having a small back log.

I thought today would be slow, but for some reason all the “big guys” are here today. Tomorrow the office is closed, but I figure I will come in and work on my stuff ’cause I must drive Sweetous to work anyway tomorrow.

The doctor gave me some eyedrops. I was reading the side effects sheet and it said they may cause itching, burning, red, watering eyes. The reason I went to see the doctor was ’cause I have itching, burning, red, watering eyes. Go figure !

Very busy day….

Well, it has been a very busy and productive day. I was editing a spreadsheet most of the day. I had set the goal to finish it, but it was a hard one ’cause the print-out and handwriting I was working with were poor quality; but I finished it. I also went and got the Honey Baked Ham for Sweetous to take to her office party. So, when I get home, Sweetous wants to start our newest project to clean and remodel our closet;  so  we did. We took a lot of stuff out of there and set it in the Parlour (which serves as  a general purpose holding area). So, now I will ride the mouse a while before bed.

Sunday update….

I stayed up too late on Friday and slept yesterday afternoon and just loafed. We did get up Saturday morning to take the truck to Deb’s place so they could borrow it. Today has been productive; I went to church, Sweetous was not feeling well so she stayed in bed. Now, Sweetous is finishing up her paper while I ride the mouse. We did finish the wash and do some cleaning too. So, very productive day and it is only noon. I will go lurk and prowl at the mall and Borders this afternoon after I take the empty bottles to the recycle center. (unless I forget like I did last week.)

Busy weekend….

Well, it’s been a busy weekend.  Sweetous had her office party last night and we were out til past midnight. We’re a little old for that I think ’cause we are both tired now. We skipped church this morning, went for a manly breakfast about 9:00 and then came home. I helped Sweetous a while with her stuff and now I’m just chilling out at the keyboard. Sweetous is watching TV, in bed ! I always give her hell for watching TV in bed. I figure beds are for sleeping, and other things, but not watching TV.

an update….

LB came over this morning and made us all breakfast, a very manly breakfast:  giant omlette, bacon, rolls ! Very good. Then LB and Sweetous went shopping, and  I did also, but not with them. I got some dog food and then went to the mall. I got Sweetous a Christmas  gift. The gift that keeps on giving 🙂 She actually circled some items in the  catalog for me, so I got her one. So small and so pricey ! Yikes !

friday afternoon…

….fairly easy day at work, and I got a lot done too. They got us pizza for lunch, so now I’m fat ‘n happy ! Perhaps I’ll leave early and goto Borders. Or, take a walk; it is so nice outside warm and windy with sporadic rain. It’s a great day to look at women in short flippy skirts LOL !