sunday morning….

Sometimes I tell Sweetous she is bi-polar. Now, I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist, so this is all just speculation on my part. She doesn’t really get depressed that I have noticed but sometimes she does get awfully ambitious; like something just comes and bites her on the ass all of a sudden. When this … Continue reading sunday morning….

Go figure….

Well, I was intending to finish the tape I was transcribing today, but such will not be the case. I had to goto the doctor early this morning ’cause of watering eyes since last night. Then, I find that I must cart about 30 boxes of old files from the other building over to my … Continue reading Go figure….

an update….

LB came over this morning and made us all breakfast, a very manly breakfast:  giant omlette, bacon, rolls ! Very good. Then LB and Sweetous went shopping, and  I did also, but not with them. I got some dog food and then went to the mall. I got Sweetous a Christmas  gift. The gift that keeps on … Continue reading an update….