tuesday afternoon…

I got a lot of work done today; finished several spreadhseets and paid bills. At lunch time I walked over to CompUSA to look at the computers. I wanted to see VISTA ! It looks realy cool. I am lusting for it. I suppose my desire to get it could be construed as a type of idolitry since I can get whatever I need done with my present XP computer. I suppose the wise thing would be to look the other way and save my money, but I want it !

wednesday evening….

I’m just taking it easy right now, doing a bit of web surfing. I was busy at work today, almost finished the tape I was working on, but not quite. I had some interrutions and had to get some files for people. After work I took the train to Frederick and met Sweetous so we could goto Perkins to have supper. Sweetous had me help her with some stuff and now I am all done working for the day !

lost weekend…

This past weekend was really hectic…

Starting with Friday, I called for a doctor appoint to follow up my labs and was able to get in that day. The doctor appt was fine, in and out. However, the wait at the pharmacy was terrible. I waited like 40 minutes, so then I checked to see what was the problem; somehow they just lost me ! So, I had to wait while they found my pills.

So, that cause me to miss like half the day at work; and I received 5 new tapes to transcribe on Thurs & Friday. I will be busy this week for sure.

Sweetous was working on her final paper all last week, and she had me proofreading it for her on Sat & Sunday. Missed church, didn’t eat supper ’til 7:30 ! Hell, she’ll probably want me to check it again tonight ! I’ll be glad when she is done with that stuff.

On Sunday afternoon, we did goto to DC for a presentation by a travel club. It was a high pressure sales pitch to join an incredibly expensive club that it would be very difficult to travel enough to make it worthwhile; even if we did have that kind of money. Sweetous had signed up for it so she could get the premium for going. So we got a trip to the Bahamas. Personally, I think it is all pretty scammy, I don’t trust them a bit. Gosh, wish we would have won the cash prize or the cadillac !

It snowed yesterday for the first time this winter; has been a very easy winter so far. I took the metro to Whiteflint and walked to my office this morning. Not, very cold, but slippery and I did step in a puddle and get my feet wet. Oh well.

wednesday evening….

It’s been a fairly busy day. I am all caught up at work and I paid bills today. I was pretty tired this morning ’cause I had went to the Healing Service at Life in Jesus last night. I always like to go to those, but they don’t start ’til 7:30 PM, they last ’til 10:00 or later, and it’s a half hour drive from my house. So, when I go, I can count on being tired the next day, but it’s good though.

RAM dump…

Your computer has a RAM; so do I and so do you. That’s where all the work gets done. The behavior of RAM in a computer is pretty well predictable. In the case of us humans, RAM is much less predictable and sometimes is very random. A case in point, Yesterday two items from my distant past entered my awareness. Both are (as far as I can determine) totally trivial and irrelevant to anything going on with me at present.Anyway, yesterday for no apparent reason I thought of the company Fingerhut Back in the ’80s when Sweetous and I were first setting up housekeeping, we used to get their catalog in the mail quite often. They sold all sorts of items, some rather mundane, others very strange. So, I checked the internet to see if they have a web site, which of course they do.

So, thinking of Fingerhut further stirred things up in my RAM and I recalled another company: Stanley Home Products. This one is even further back in the dark corners of my mental archives ! I remember this one from when I was a kid. My Mother and Grandma used to have Stanley Parties at home. All the women would come and hang out, play bingo, and buy stuff.

As you can see both the companies are still in business and have websites. Neither company is listed in wikipedia.


Today was a good busy day. I went to Borders this morning and bought two books. The first one, “The Mature Mind” deals with learning and mental abilities in older adults. Since I am past age 50, I figured it would be a good one for me to read.

The other book, “Getting things Done” is about effective time management. I’m not sure what posessed me to buy that one; something just bit me on the ass, I guess. I am kind of an ornery curmudgeonly sort; if I want to get it done I will, if I have to get it done I will. Otherwise, I will get it done (or not) when I get around to it. It looked interesting though, so I bought it.

I did get a good deal at Borders. I had a gift card, and a 30% off coupon; so I got over $30 worth of books and only had to give them around $10 or so in cash. I was right pleased about that.

The Ikea delivery arrived right on time, so Sweetous and I spent the afternoon and evening putting the new closet stuff together. She is still in the bedroom messing around with it. I told her enough is enough. I will help her some more tomorrow.