late tuesday afternoon…

I made some good progress on the tape I am transcribing. I also got my papers ready to see the tax guy at the mall. So, in a few minutes I will leave and get the train to Frederick and meet Sweetous there for dinner and a date at the tax place.


It’s semi-warm again today and making good progress in the melting of the ice and snow from last week. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday; I had intended to goto church last night but I was tired and did not go. I did get alot done at work yesterday as well as the closing on our mortgage … Continue reading notes


Yesterday LB and I had a manly breakfast at Perkins (late) and then went to the mall and looked around some. We went to Wal-Mart, Kohl’s and Borders too. I saw some clothes at Kohl’s that I liked but I was too parsimonious to buy them. I bought some water at Wal-Mart. We didn’t stay … Continue reading sunday….

game day….

I am at my desk lurking and prowling on the web. Unlike most men, I have no interest in football; although I certainly don’t mind seeing a cute cheerleader or two.  Sweetous has been sick all week, but is feeling much better today, so she should be all well by midweek. After church this morning … Continue reading game day….