late tuesday afternoon…

I made some good progress on the tape I am transcribing. I also got my papers ready to see the tax guy at the mall. So, in a few minutes I will leave and get the train to Frederick and meet Sweetous there for dinner and a date at the tax place.

monday at lunch time…

…really busy at work today. I am preparing an inventory listing for a day spa. It’s going to be a fairly lengthy list;  sort of boggles my mind at some of the stuff people will use on their body in their quest for glamour and perfect beauty. Some of it seems to me to be very bizarre indeed.

So, yesterday we had a good snow / ice storm. I was driving home from Frederick in it. I had went out for breakfast and shopping, but cut it short ’cause it was getting bad. So, we shoveled our driveway yesterday afternoon and now my back is killing me. It’s a motrin kind of day…

sunday evening…

We took a road trip to DuBois this weekend to see my Parents. We ended up staying only a day because of the winter storm warning for Saturday evening and Sunday. Well, we did get quite a batch of snow so I’m glad we came back before it started. Sweetous and I shoveled the driveway this afternoon and now we are both tired and sore.


It’s semi-warm again today and making good progress in the melting of the ice and snow from last week. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday; I had intended to goto church last night but I was tired and did not go. I did get alot done at work yesterday as well as the closing on our mortgage refinancing.

I got quite a lot of stuff done at work today, and I’m hoping to get a bunch more done early tomorrow so I can leave early. We are going on a road trip to DuBois tomorrow to visit my parents…


Friday, Sweetous and I went to see the movie Hanibal Rising. It was a fascinating and terrifying study of evil gone wild. It told the story of Hanibal Lecter, revealing what it was that made him so evil; a prequel to Silence of the Lambs.

Today I went to my office for a while and worked on packing up old files to ship to storage. I didn’t stay long though ’cause I wastired. I went home and Sweetous wanted me to get the DVD for Silence of the Lambs which she had seen but I had not. I went to Blockbuster,
but it was out, so I got The Visitation, which is another suspense/terror study of evil.

On a lighter note, Amazon delivered my book Second Life the Official Guideyesterday. I shall start looking through that, probably tomorrow. I am nearly finished with the book A Search for What Makes Sense and I want to start the companion book A Search for What is Real. I also discovered another book listing site goodreads.comwhich I started using in addition to Library Thing. Both are good sites for people who like to read; and mess around on the web.

thursday afternoon….

It’s still cold as hell out, I’m hoping I can get up my drive way this afternoon. I just finished a spreadsheet, so now I will work on a tape I had started previously or perhaps I will get some boxes of old files ready to ship to storage.

There are always thoughts bouncing around my head, some are totally off the wall. Like for example earlier today I thought of mimeograph machines. Of course, I have absolutely no idea why this came into my head, but it did. LOL. Now I know what a mimeograph is, I encountered many of them when I was in elementary school, even into high school. I would guess that the majority of people reading this have no idea what they are. The mimeograph is an obsolete information systems technology; specifically a printing technology. You can read more about it in this wikipedia article or check out the results of a google search.  And hell ! They even have them on ebay !

Of course, that all still begs the question; why would I think of such a thing ? I guess some things we will just never know why.

valentine snow day…

We had a snow and ice storm last night; haven’t seen that much in a long time. Of course I have seen worse both here and growing up in northwest PA, but this was the most in a long time. I suspect that the global warming folks got it right. LB and Steve stayed at a hotel in Rockville to make sure they made it to work. Sweetous and I drove in this morning, took over an hour ! They let Sweetous out at noon, so I left work also. Later on, I got the PT Cruiser from LB. I tried to get the PTC up my driveway but didn’t have much luck; so we took it to Safeway and left it there overnight.


Yesterday LB and I had a manly breakfast at Perkins (late) and then went to the mall and looked around some. We went to Wal-Mart, Kohl’s and Borders too. I saw some clothes at Kohl’s that I liked but I was too parsimonious to buy them. I bought some water at Wal-Mart. We didn’t stay at Borders long ’cause LB wasn’t into that; she just wanted to get Steve a book. So I will probably go back later today for a while.

I’ve been playing around with 2nd Life some lately. That has endless possibilities, and could be quite a time sink as well. LOL ! I don’t know a lot about it, but one aspect I liked was music; if nothing else it can be used as a music player . Cool ! I stayed up too late last night and missed church this morning, so I need to do better next week.  I just drank coffe and web surfed for a while, had breakfast at home, and now will get a shower before I go lurk and prowl.

game day….

I am at my desk lurking and prowling on the web. Unlike most men, I have no interest in football; although I certainly don’t mind seeing a cute cheerleader or two.  Sweetous has been sick all week, but is feeling much better today, so she should be all well by midweek. After church this morning I had breakfast at Perkins and then went to Borders. I started reading a book “A Search for What is Real” by Brian McLaren and got quite engrossed in it, so I bought it along with it’s companion book  “A Search for What Makes Sense” Generally I am more of a traditionalist, but I do like a lot of what McLaren says.