monday evening…

Sweetous and I along with LB and Steve went for a walk after work today. It’s such a nice day ! Then we had supper at LB & Steve’s place.  Sweetous says we will help them do yard work tomorrow after work. Yikes ! Speaking of work, I got a fair amount done today although there were some interruptions. I didn’t get a chance to work on the boxes of old files though; perhaps tomorrow.

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sunday evening…

We went to church this morning; the Pastor did a good job with the Liturgy, which is a good. Sweetous went shopping with LB theis afternoon while I stayed at home and did a spreadsheet for work and rearranged my desk. Later on I went to Wal-Mart to buy some bottled water and then to Borders to look around a while. I found a book that looked interesting but did not buy it: Star Wars Jesus. I added that to my Amazon wish list for later consideration along with a bunch of other books.

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saturday recap…

I got up at a sort of reasonable hour and went to my office after I had breakfast at Bob Evans. I did get a bunch of boxes packed and ready to ship, so that is good. There are still a lot of old files that need to be banished to the outer darkness though. Oh, I didn’t even mention all the new jobs that came in last week, so I am going to be busy as hell. When I finished at work I went to Borders for a while and bought two books: Metamorpha and The Great Transformation. I started reading Metamorpha and the other one I added to my stack of books waiting to be read. This evening I went to a Via de Cristo serenade. I should start going to more VdC events. The serenade was very good, lot of people came. I used to go to the serenades and Ultreyas all the time but somehow had got out of the habit. LB went with me, she went out with her friends after and I went to Barnes and Noble for a short while, but not very long ’cause I was tired. So now I will surf the web in preparation to goto bed.

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friday evening…

I am very tired tonight; a very busy day at work with lots of interruptions to prevent me from getting as much done as I wanted to. I also stayed late ’cause I am trying to get all the old files boxed and ready to ship to storage. Sweetous picked me up at Safeway and we had McDonalds for supper. Then I helped her do some house cleaning. Now, I will relax a while before I goto bed ’cause I want to get up early tomorrow and goto th eoffice for a while.

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Book Listing Sites

I found a new book listing site today: Revish.  An strange name, I have no idea what it means. Anyway I added the site to the two other book listing sites I belong to: Library Thing and Good Reads. They are all good sites. I think Library Thing has the most information in it, and Revish seems to have the nicest layout and user interface. Anyone else out there know any other book listing sites ? What is your favorite book site ?

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Secret Message

I just finished reading The Secret Message of Jesus. This is an outstanding book; I’ve read several of McLaren’s books and have liked every one of them; for the most part his thought rings very true to me. In Secret Message the author makes the point that the teachings of Jesus were and are about living in the present, not just about getting to heaven when you die. He relates the teachings of Jesus to the political situation at the time and extends them into our own time. The key is the “Kingdom of God” which is something Jesus frequently spoke about. Our task as His followers is to implement the Kingdom right here right now by practicing the things Jesus taught such as feeding the poor, forgiving others, going the extra mile etc. Yes, the world would be radically different and better if more people practiced the Kingdom of God. In the appendix to the book he asks “Why Didn’t we get it sooner?” Here he discusses how the church got hung up in politics, especially after Constantine and also hung up on doctrine and philosophy rather than practice. He makes some good points here, but I think that at least some in the Church have always been aware of the Secret Message: a good example from the early medieval period would be St Francis. But it is true that the church has often tended to emphasize other things at the expense of the Secret Message.

There are discussion questions at the end of the book. I think I may use these questions as writing prompts for the blog (unless I allow slothfulness to overtake me). This book would make a really good one for a discussion group, but I suspect that the book would not be well received in my church. I may ask the people in my Bible study group if they are familiar with McLaren to see what sort of reaction I get.

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wednesday afternoon…

This was a very hectic day at work ! I already have a full stack of stuff to do, and new jobs came in today ! Also, the clock is ticking on our upcoming move; the office manager asked me today how I was doing getting the old files shipped to permanent storage. I told her I was working on it. I set a target date for myself on May 15 to have most of the files gone.  She said ok and asked if I wanted any help. I declined the offer because I have this thing of I’d rather do it myself. Of course I know that is not the recommended method to get things done, but I prefer it that way. So now I must get humping to meet my target date. To top that off, I had to call the file storage place to get files out twice today ! Oh well.

So now, I will go home.

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tuesday evening…

It was a busy day at work today and I had to leave early to goto the Navy Hospital to get my labs done and then to the pharmacy.  I also note that we will be moving in June, so I must clear out as many old files as I can. I may have to go in on a Saturday. I helped Sweetous with some household chores and now I will do some web surfing.  Sweetous has this cool device where you pack blankets etc in a plastic bag and then suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner. That is so sly !

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you just never know what you’ll see in this blog…

I’ve been procrastinating but finally today I called to schedule a virtual colonoscopy. Going to the doctor is always a pain in the ass, sometimes quite literally ! LOL ! All joking aside though, everyone in my age group should get a colonoscopy from time to time. It could extend your life. The nurse sent me an email with information about the procedure and my appointment; the links that appeared in the google ads were interesting to say the least. Some strange ones also appeared when I did the google search for “colonoscopy”. I will list a couple of these links below:

It’s gross and it’s mine ! Entries from our recent “Poo Contest” showing photos and testimonials of real results from the the Colon Cleansing Kit by Blessed Herbs

Are you clean inside ? How to beat constipation, IBS, bloating, stomach pain and skin problems while gaining more energy and a flatter stomach at the same time

Some more scatology links:

google search “scatalogical homor”

google search “colonoscopy”

information about colon cancer

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sunday recap…

I was up bright and early so I could have coffee and browse the web before church. I tried to wake Sweetous to goto church but she wasn’t ready to get out of bed yet. So I just went myself. When I got back,  Sweetous was up and had breakfast waiting for me. Then she had me take her truck (the one of which she is so profoundly proud) to Walmart to get a new tire and battery. I had them change the oil too whilst I was there. Then we took a load of junk to the dump !  When we got back we did some yard work and then she cut my hair. So now, I will surf the web ’til bedtime…

saturday evening…

I went to Barnes and Noble this afternoon and bought a reference book for my computer: Windows Vista Inside Out. It’s about 3″ thick and has a CD with it. A couple other books got my attention too and I added them to my Amazon Wish List: Rome, Inc. which compares the rise and fall of ancient Rome to a modern corporation and The Bully of Bentonville, which is about everyone’s favorite corporate behemoth. Speaking of Wal-Mart I went there today to get some bottle water. Wal-Mart has many good aspects about it and some rather nasty ones as well.

I did a lot of maintenance chores on my blogs today: changed the theme, set a couple of my domains to redirect here, and adding notes to my sidebar bookmarks. I may consolidate some of my categories too. Another thing I want to do is make sure I always either add some comments to links I post to or copy part of the site text for notes. I think that will make the links more useful and better looking.