thursday evening…

I was busy at work today but did get a couple jobs completed, I think tomorrow I will work on my file boxes some. My Dad called me this afternoon and told me that Ma was in the Hospital. I worry about her ’cause she is (or seems to be) fragile; of course she raised four boys, so she couldn’t be too fragile. I hope she gets well, she is getting old. This is a difficult thing for Ma, my Dad, brothers, and me. Lord have mercy. I ordered her some flowers from FTD.

a quick recap of the past several days….

….went on a road trip to visit my parents this weekend. My ma was not doing so well, hope she improves. Otherwise was a good visit. We came back on Monday and had burgers at LB/Steve’s place. Intensely busy at work as usual. Tuesday I picked up my BP pills at the Navy hospital and today I had to go to visit the doctor on an entirely unrelated matter. Hopefully that will be enough doctor visits for a while. Not that I dislike doctors, but visiting them is time consuming and often a pain in the ass.

wednesday evening….

I’m just taking it easy right now, doing a bit of web surfing. I was busy at work today, almost finished the tape I was working on, but not quite. I had some interruptions and had to get some files for people. After work I took the train to Frederick and met Sweetous so we could goto Perkins to have supper. Sweetous had me help her with some stuff and now I am all done working for the day !

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links for 2007-05-22

monday evening….

Busy day at work, shipped out another 25 boxes of old files. Things are really busy, I wish they would slow down some. I suppose things will calm down somewhat after the move is completed. In the meantime, busy is better than unemployed. After work Sweetous and I went on a bike ride. We are getting better, the same trail took almost an hour last week, today we did it in 30 minutes. Not that our physical condition has improved that dramatically, but we are handling the bikes better. One of the hills, I was able to keep pedaling the entire way up ! Perhaps we will extend the route a little next time. After supper, I cut part of the grass.


…busy day today. LB & Steve are cleaning out our attic and they started that project today. So, Sweetous and I made two treks to the dump. They found some old pictures which I will scan when I get a scanner. The most interesting find was my high school graduation tassel. I’m pretty tired, so I will likely goto bed early tonight…


Piglette and Mike are visiting for the weekend. We went out for breakfast this morning and then went car shopping. Sweetous and I had decided to buy another car to add flexibility to our logistics situation and as a back-up for the Sweetous’ car. We went to the Toyota dealer after breakfast ’cause we had figured on buying a Yaris.  Piglette and Sweetous saw a  used 2002 VW Bug and started looking at it, and salivating over it. The two females kept pestering me to buy the Bug. I had never even considered a VW Bug so I kept saying no. The pressure was relentless though and I finally agreed to do a test drive in the Bug. I was impressed; it drove real nice, very quiet, and leather seats. It was also very roomy. So I ended up buying a 2002 Bug at the Toyota dealer. Now, to afford the payments I shall have to get LB to start paying her own insurance.

After car shopping, Sweetous, Pig and Mike went to the Outlets and I went to Barnes and Noble. I started reading a book and decided to buy it: Interview with an Exorcist.

After supper Pig, Mike, and Sweetous went to LB & Steve’s place to vist. Pig and LB got in some sort of argument. So now, all the women are not happy. Pig and LB are both very temperamental princesses. I will just keep a low profile and do some web surfing.

some conservative Christian links…

tuesday recap…

It was a busy day at work, but really didn’t get much done; many interruptions and checking up on my intern. I walked for a half hour this morning before work and after work we went on a bike ride for nearly an hour. Now, my ass is wore out !

odd stuff from the web…

This was one of the Google Ad links in my gmail this morning. You just never know what’s gonna jump out at you on the web. LOL ! Actually Sweetous and I did have a very small scale enterprise doing in that business a while back; apparently there are others doing it also. Out of curiosity I did a google search for “dog poop” and found some links.

Among the these links is a cautionary tale of what happens to people whose dogs poop on trains in South Korea. This is an interesting example of the power and peril of the web. On the search results page there are numerous ads related to businesses dealing with various aspects of dog excrement. Since this is the internet, you can see listed right at the top are pages for pictures ! YIKES ! I won’t even put the link for that in here, but it’s really there. You just never know what you will find…

monday evening….

We had a nice time at my parents place this past weekend. Sweetous and I took my parents and Mike and Piglette out for dinner on Saturday evening to the Italian Oven. Very good stuff; I had shrimp scampi on spaghettis with olive oil & garlic. Yummy ! The only drawback was it took all evening because everything was crowded as hell on account of Mothers Day and it was also Prom day. On the way home Sunday, we went shopping and bought bikes. So today we went for a nice ride in Black Hills Park. We both need the exercise, especially me. One of my co-workers told me I was winded from climbing stairs at work today. I did get a couple of aerobic puffs from the bike ride. I will have to ride more often so I can loose some pounds, and lower my BP.

friday evening…

We were going to do a road trip to visit my parents this evening but decided not to because of traffic and tiredness. Instead we will go tomorrow. Gawd, was busy at work all week and especially today. We had a meeting about the immanent move. The office manager showed us a diagram of the building and the placement of various offices and rooms. I will no longer have a private office in the back corner of a building that is devoid of people half the time. I will miss the seclusion, but the new place does look nice and I do get a new desk. There will be more togetherness all around because we will all be on a single floor, not in two different two story buildings as we are now. The chaos of the move will likely be interesting. Gawd, I gotta get more of those old files packed up and shipped to the archives so we don’t have to take them to the new building. The office manager wants to give me an intern to help. I told her ok, but I really prefer to do my own stuff ’cause I am much more meticulous about details (some might say that I am anal) than your typical teenager, and I don’t like to have to check up on other people. Oh well. So, tonight I will do some web prowling and goto bed early so I can go on the road trip tomorrow.

my theological worldview…

I saw this quiz on another blog and decided to try it. I’m not a Roman Catholic, but the results were as I figured they would be ’cause I do think very much like a Catholic.

  You scored as Roman Catholic. You are Roman Catholic. Church tradition and ecclesial authority are hugely important, and the most important part of worship for you is mass. As the Mother of God, Mary is important in your theology, and as the communion of saints includes the living and the dead, you can also ask the saints to intercede for you.

Roman Catholic
Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
Neo orthodox
Classical Liberal
Reformed Evangelical
Modern Liberal

What’s your theological worldview?
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