friday morning….

….when I came into work this morning, I could not get the lights in my office to work; then the janitor came in and jiggled the switch and they worked. Well hell ! So, after I got my lights on I went for a walk and now I’m working on a spreadsheet.

I am hoping to sneak out early today and probably help Sweetous clean the house. Her parents are coming tomorrow for LB’s wedding which is next weekend.

later in the day….

I walked to Giant at lunch and got a microwave beans & rice dish along with a pastry. I like to go for a walk but today it is not nice at all. It feels like over 100 and like the sky is closing in on you; sort of claustrophobic.  Perhaps we will have a massive storm later in the day, we shall see…

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thursday evening late…

I was quite busy at work today, but otherwise not a particularly eventful day. I did end up staying late ’cause the piled more new work on me, which is good because it means that getting lay off is unlikely. I did a 20 minute walk in the morning and again at lunch time. After work I went to Borders and looked around. Of course I found a book and started to read it and ended up buying it: At Hell’s Gate, A Soldier’s Journey from War to Peace. This is the first person account of an American soldier traumatized in Viet Nam who eventually became a Zen monk. I started reading it at the author really drew me in with his very personal story.

Now I need to get busy and finish reading all the books I have in progress, I’ve been lagging on account of being overly busy as well as wasting too much time on the web.

I have started all of these, yikes, I need to finish them ! I can’t let me ADD get the best of me…

chilling out…

I’m just chilling out listening to music on my computer. I have a playlist of Inca music that I downloaded from URGE. I don’t know a lot about the Inca, but I just love their music, some of the most glorious sounds on earth ! The first time I heard it that I can recall (other than El Condor Pasa) was at the Montgomery County Fair several years ago, an Inca band was playing live at the fair and selling CD’s

So, if you want a musical treat, check out some Inca music.

wednesday wrap-up

I did really good for physical activity today: a morning walk 20 min, a lunchtime walk 20 min, and a 60 min bike ride after work ! So now, I am tired to say the least.

Today was a rather annoying day at work. The Office Manager told me that I must get rid of my private stash refrigerator ! Balls & Hell ! I had that in suite 6 for nearly as long as we were in there ! So when we moved I set it up in the new file room. So today I was told that in the new building it is forbidden to have one’s own refrigerator. Balls and Hell ! She also was displeased with the generalized disorder of people not having finished unpacking etc. and fussed about the boxes of files being in the file room. Well, hell ! I had a few boxes left in there, but some people decided they ought to box up their old files and put them in the file room when we moved in ! They should have gave them to me before the move so I could have shipped them to storage. So now, I have to get more boxes ready for storage ! A co-worker concurred with my earlier thought that we are all too close together in the new building.

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tuesday evening…

We went for a bike ride in Black Hills park after work. There was a minor thunderstorm in progress as we rode. LB called me and tried to talk me out of riding in the storm, but Sweetous was insistent that we ride, so we did. We got wet, and I am worn out now, but otherwise it was a good ride. Sweetous tells me I did better than yesterday. Good thing we finished though ’cause on the drive home the thunderstorm intensified quite a lot.

This storm was pretty minor though compared to one last summer when we were watching the Parish farm; a ferocious thunderstorm was in progress and we had to go in the field and bring the animals in. That was scary as hell!

The new office is nice, although still a lot of chaos as things are not all set up yet. To me though there is a subjective experience of being crowded or something. Everyone is in much closer proximity than we were before and for me the change is somewhat drastic ’cause before I had my own office in a building that was devoid of other people most of the time. Now, I share an office in a building where everyone is just down the hall and the receptionist has the key to the bathroom. There is no objective evidence that the work environment will become more restrictive, but I am somewhat leery about that. We shall see.

On a happy note, they did have a free lunch in the break room yesterday and today. Today was particularly good: BBQ pulled chicken on hard rolls & pasta salad ! I love free food !

tuesday morning….

…busy at work transcribing a tape, another one of those rush jobs. The office is still in disarray from the move , but we’re working on it. Last night I did a half hour bike ride with Sweetous. We did pretty good, I was pleased because it had been over a week since we last rode…

thursday morning…

I am at my desk having a breakfast burrito and surfing the web. Last night after work, I went to see the new building, and was able to inside. That is a first class building ! My office is small but the desk is really big; the file room is cavernous. The kitchen is really nice too. Monday will be the first day at work in the new place. The last of my boxes are stacked and waiting for pick up and most of my stuff is ready to go. There is still a lot of “stuff” all over the building, but most of it is not mine. I suppose that today and tomorrow will be rather chaotic.