an update….

…been working late for the past three days ! Anyway, I have 33 boxes of old files ready to go and that should be all, unless someone from the other building dumps a load over here ! Of course I am also busy with my spreadsheets, so yeah I am busy !

We did a road trip this past weekend to see my Ma and also Gretchen (niece) got married. Ma seems to be doing much better, she is out of the hospital and was at the wedding, very good !

I found something gross in the file room today: a small cooler, under a table, behind some boxes, been there for years. I opened it up and discovered a couple opened cans of tuna, some mayo, and a substance that had been a loaf of bread at one time. It was awful, stunk to high heaven ! This was immediately consigned to the dumpster.

Now, I shall drive home, looks like there will be a hellish storm tonite.