saturday recap…

I went lurking and prowling today at the mall, Barnes’s & Noble, and Borders. Sweetous hung out at home.  This evening we watched a video on demand on TV. It was some sort of bizarre supernatural horror thriller involving nightmares with some truly terrifying imagery. But it was so strange that it was hard to follow and I can’t even recall the name.

When that was over we started watching a movie: The Fugitive. We got into a discussion about it; Sweetous told me she used to watch a TV series The Fugitive when she was a teenagers. I told her the series was from the 80’s. I decided to look it up on the web; this is what I found:

The first article refers to another TV series: Twin Peaks. Now that was a great series; I used to watch the very week when we were in Ktown in the early 90’s.