The Dharma of Star Wars

I just finished reading The Dharma of Star Wars. Before I procrastinate let me write a bit about this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this; a very engaging introduction to both Star Wars and Buddhism. Both are subjects that I was not very familiar with, so it was educational for me and others will likely learn from it as well. A recurring idea throughout the book is that we all have both good and evil in us. This idea is also found in the teachings of Christ as illustrated in Matthew 7:1-5 where Jesus talks about trying to remove a speck from another person’s eye while you have an even bigger thing in your own eye. Another idea was that  we are all simultaneously both victims and perpetrators of evil; which from my own observations, I would totally agree.

2 thoughts on “The Dharma of Star Wars

  1. Glad you enjoyed the book. I know it is probably almost un-American of me but I avoid anything that has to do with Star Wars. Seems like they have totally run that show in the ground. I know there was much more to the book than that but it just called to mind my thing about being tired of Star Wars. Hope you had a great day!

  2. I don’t recall ever having watched any of the movies in their entirety. After reading that book, I may get the DVD’s and watch or if they have Star Wars books I could read them. My soon to be son-in-law Mike is an ardent Star Wars buff, so he could fill me in on any good stuff I need to know.

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