friday night…

We went to the church for rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. The church is really beautiful and it was good to see Pastor Steve. He was my Parents Pastor for a long time and he married my brother Kevin. The dinner went well and the food was good.

So, after the dinner, I took Sweetous back to Piglette’s house and I went to Sheetz to get gas and some cokes. There was a problem though. The problem being that a vast horde of people converged on Sheetz simultaneously, thus thwarting my plan to get gas and some cokes. In a frenzy of frustration, I peeled out of Sheetz parking lot like the proverbial bat out of Hell, running a red light in the process ! Continue reading


Friday pre-wedding

I decided to buy a digital camera today. I used to have an old one from my kids but I dropped a couple years ago. I kept putting off getting one ’cause I didn’t want to spend the money. Today, I decided that another $150.00 was ok, and I bought one. This is the first batch of pics I took today at the Ramada where the reception will be held. On the album cover we have Sweetous and Piglette.

just taking it easy….

Sweetous and I drove to Piglette & Mike’s place for their wedding on Saturday. Right now I just lurking on the web, Sweetous and Pig are out shoe shopping, Mike is at work. I think I will go lurk and prowl somewhere. Perhaps to the mall or Barnes and Noble…

a quick note…

I took leave today and mostly lounged around the house. I did get out for a manly breakfast after I received Sweetous’ package from UPS. I’m feeling kind of lame today, not sure why. Earlier today I was not able to focus my eyes well enough to read or look at the computer, I kept seeing raggedy looking flashes of light. I could see well enough to not run into things but it was very unnerving and disturbing. Now I see just fine other than a generalized sluggishness. I will go to bed soon. Hopefully this is nothing serious that would interfere with my being at Piglette’s wedding this Saturday. I considered going to the ER but decided not to ’cause most of the time doctors don’t know why a person is sick and they really don’t know what to do. They just make their best guess and / or tell you it will be gone in a few days. Oh well.

Enough complaining ! I’m looking forward to the wedding, although that does have it’s stresses as well.

links for 2007-09-25

Stop Censoring Prison Libraries…

Imagine walking into your local library, only to discover that the religion section has been decimated – purged of books even by such prominent theologians as Reinhold Niebuhr and Karl Barth. That’s exactly what’s happening right now to inmates in federal prisons, as the Bureau of Prisons strips libraries of any title that does not appear on a government-approved list.

Tell Harley Lappin, the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, to stop denying inmates’ religious freedom!

I’m appalled !

I took a quiz to determine who I should vote for in the next presidential election. Yikes ! I am appalled by my results ! My results indicated that I most closely match Hillary Clinton !

No way ! I am totally against abortion, so I cannot see myself voting for her. I guess she came up as my pick because I’m fairly liberal on other issues; most notable being that I favor universal health care.

It will be very difficult for me to choose a candidate. Perhaps I will sit this one out.

saturday notes…

I took care of a couple nuisance chore this morning: taking a load of trash to the dump and then to the MVA to get an emissions check. Hell it took ’til past noon to get those two finished ! The worst part is that the truck did not pass the test. So now, I will have to spend money to get that fixed ! I hate spending money on stuff like that ! After I finished with that stuff I went to the Waffle House and had a very manly breakfast; and quite tasty too I might add. Later on, some lurking and prowling at Barnes and Noble and Borders.  Now, I shall troll about the web ’til I decide to go to bed.

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lunch time….

I think my head cold is gone now, hope so anyway.  I decided to go for a walk at lunch. Now I back at my desk with a small lunch. The walk was quite enjoyable, I shall have to that some more….

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