fri Friday pre-wedding I decided to buy a digital camera today. I used to have an old one from my kids but I dropped a couple years ago. I kept putting off getting one 'cause I didn't want to spend the money. Today, I decided that another $150.00 was ok, and I bought one. This … Continue reading friday…

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God's Politics - Jim Wallis blog, faith blog, religion, christian, christianity, politics, values (tags: activism christian religion)

just taking it easy….

Sweetous and I drove to Piglette & Mike's place for their wedding on Saturday. Right now I just lurking on the web, Sweetous and Pig are out shoe shopping, Mike is at work. I think I will go lurk and prowl somewhere. Perhaps to the mall or Barnes and Noble...

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Calorie Counter, Diet Tracking, Food Journal, Nutrition Facts at The Daily Plate (tags: diet health food nutrition fitness tools web2.0 2.0) Only Wonder Understands (tags: blog christian church)

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Various items I recently marked on Dennis a/k/a the “lurking chihuahua” elsewhere on the web… « notations / lurking chihuahua Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tags: blog, blogging tools, web Live Fast, Die Young. No, Seriously. « The Petri Project "Attention rockstar wannabees: turns out your dream job is likely to earn you … Continue reading ma.gnolia links

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Find Your Candidate - - Where The Military Matters Most (tags: Politics election calculator voting 2008 interesting review quiz political useful poll lists list) Solution Watch - Your descriptive source of solutions (tags: web2.0 blog technology Blogs web software design 2.0) Take Action: Stop Censoring Prison Libraries Stop Censoring Prison Libraries Imagine walking into … Continue reading links for 2007-09-25

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Dennis a/k/a the “lurking chihuahua” elsewhere on the web… « notations / lurking chihuahua (tags: web web2.0 websites lurking-chihuahua dennis my-stuff) Welcome to MyOpenID (tags: openid security identity authentication web2.0 tools web) Custom WordPress Themes (tags: WordPress Programming themes design blogging blogtools)

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SlideShare (share powerpoint presentations online, slideshows, slide shows, download presentations, widgets, MySpace codes) (tags: powerpoint Web2.0 presentation slides presentations sharing tools 2.0) - amusing myself… (tags: blogs blog blogging geek technology computeristics) - Manage your online identity (tags: OPENID identity web2.0 claimID social tools id 2.0)

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Americans giving up friends, sex for Web life - Yahoo! News Surfing the net has become an obsession for many Americans with the majority of U.S. adults feeling they cannot go for a week without going online and one in three giving up friends and sex for the Web. (tags: internet Psychology society social culture … Continue reading links for 2007-09-22

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ThinkFree Docs :: Search, Share & Publish documents (tags: applications apps documents docs) New Monasticism (tags: monasticism community spirituality christianity christian church culture activism emergingchurch emergent emerging mysticism postmodernism simple social spiritual urban prayer progressive meditation faith Mennonite ministry monastic conversion) Kevin Kelly -- Home (tags: blog technology tools cool blogs people tech thinking) Official … Continue reading links for 2007-09-21

lunch time….

I think my head cold is gone now, hope so anyway.  I decided to go for a walk at lunch. Now I back at my desk with a small lunch. The walk was quite enjoyable, I shall have to that some more....

links for 2007-09-20 "Be Spiritual" (tags: books amazon list lists relgion christian christianity spirituality) Sensuous Wife (tags: blog women sex religion) Urban Legends Reference Pages: Marry Our Daughter (tags: snopes weird marriage interesting) | Home - Daily News, Political Commentary and Analysis (tags: news politics magazine media culture magazines liberal activism alternative) Culture Watch - Exploring … Continue reading links for 2007-09-20

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church Christmas Lutheran Church took its site seriously long before the celebration of the year 2000. Living in the location of God's incarnation, Bethlehem Christians cannot ignore contextual, incarnational theology. Christmas Church has sought to empower loca (tags: christian lutheran church palastine) Fritjof Capra - Home Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., physicist and systems … Continue reading links for 2007-09-19