wednesday late evening….

We drove to Frederick after work to get my VW out of the shop. They said it was ready when I called them, but when I got there it turned out they had miscalculated. So I still don’t have my car back, but this time I took a rental from them so I wouldn’t have to drive the behemoth truck ! I got a nice car, a Mitsubishi Gallant; I like it.

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an update….

I got Sweetous’ truck out of the shop today and now I need to put her car in so it will pass the emissions test. Hell, I am spending a lot of money on cars lately ! Today was a really slow day at work; hoping things pick up tomorrow. They likely will. I am tired anyway though, but I wont goto bed ’til late ’cause we have small group tonite at John’s house. Late to me means 10:00 pm, most people wouldn’t think of that as late. However, I get up at 4:30 am. So it is late for me. Dave and Davey made it safely to the UP, very good. I hope they both do well up there.

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pissed off and set free….

In John 8:31

Jesus was talking about obeying his commands and he said “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” In the next few lines he continues talking about being a slave to sin, that by practicing sin, one becomes a slave to sin. A good example of this would be any sort of addiction as well as various obessions; these things are reinforced and strengthened by continuing to do them.

I saw this stated another way somewhere (don’t recall where) “the truth will set you free, but first it will pis you off !” Very true ! To change or repent, one must be dis-satisfied, unhappy, or “pissed off”. This is especially true of those who are enslaved by well established bad habits. Getting to be “pissed off” is an example of the Holy Spirit at work in one’s mind – convicting and convincing that change is needed.

Wednesday afternoon…

I went to work this morning and my desk was devoid of stuff to work on ! So I surfed the web a while and then boxed some old files to send to storage. I would have went on a walk but it was raining pretty hard. I did get a couple new jobs in later on and finished one of them and will have the other for tomorrow morning. I was looking over my bills and I may look into some debt restructuring; will have to think about it and consult with Sweetous…

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tuesday late…

Dave and Davey are leaving for Michigan tomorrow, they will live with his Parents. We had pizza at LB’s and then went home and Dave started packing his truck. I worked on this blog; added some links, posts from old blogs, and started my web portal. Now, I am getting tire, so I shall goto bed.

tuesday lunchtime

I at my desk doing checking out the web for a while. I just finished the file I was working on and now my list is all done ! That sure hasn’t happened in a good while. We are having pizza tonight with LB, Steve, Dave & his kids; so I don’t want to stuff myself at lunch. I will work with my blog  a while and then perhaps see how the file room is looking. After work I need to stop by the garage and check on Sweetous’ truck.

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monday late afternoon…

The day started out well enough; I only had two items on my desk and Ifinished one of them. I even did a little reading early this morning. This afternoon though was an endless series of minor revisions.  People kept wanting minor changes on the same things, like they couldn’t quiteget it right. So, I didn’t get evrything finished as I had planned earlier. Oh well, what the hell. I’m at home now and Sweetous just called and want’s me to get subs for supper, so I shall go now…

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sunday recap….

It’s been a very busy weekend ! Yesterday I drove to State College to swap cars with Piglette. Sweetous was watching the farm this weekend and I helped her this afternoon. That job is much easier now with the new owner, but is still a lot of work. Additionally we had the usual chores of laundry, recycling etc. I missed church this morning; I do need to do better with that. Of course I made sure to get my web surfing in and today I worked on the new blog; added a widget and blogroll to my side bar. Now, I better goto bed…

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notes and links….

This will be a test to see how well ScribeFire works with TypePad. ScribeFire is an add-on for firefox and works very well with WordPress; I really like using it to dash off a quick note.

This afternoon I went to the mall a while and of course, to Barnes and Noble. I found two books that I considered buying: Star Wars Jesus and Esoteric Christianity. I restrained myself from buying them though because I have several books waiting for me to read them; so many books so little time ! I guess I should spend less time on the web; but for now I’m going to do some surfing.