Honoring the Dalai Lama

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I was listening to a talk show yesterday on the way home. The host ( a conservative Christian) was very unhappy that the Dalai Lama was getting the Congressional Gold Medal. He didn’t think that the United States Congress should honor him because (according to this talk show host) the Buddhists regard him as a god. He was also concerned that we would annoy the Chinese government by giving him the medal.

As far as I can determine, the Buddhists regard him as a religious leader, not a god. Anyway, the Congress is not honoring him based on his god-hood or lack thereof. He is being honored for his contributions to humanity. As far as the Chinese reaction: Hell I don’t give a hoot what the Chinese government thinks !

Hell, if the Chinese don’t like him, I say that alone is sufficient reason to honor the man.

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One thought on “Honoring the Dalai Lama

  1. You can’t really blame them, The Dali Lama stands for everything the Chinese government is against – things like decency and humanity.

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