At Church….

We went to church this morning; today is the Feast of Christ the King. The Liturgy was well done and the Sermon was good; how the Kingship of Christ is through the Cross and not through power and conquest as in ordinary kings and politics. The church here is old (not sure how old) and … Continue reading At Church….

an update….

I had a nice sleep last night in spite of the small sofa bed; and I slept late too. We have a lot of time on our hands here, so Sweetous decided to put everyone's time to good use. Her parents have always been pack rats; thy have clutter throughout the house; and they are old, … Continue reading an update….

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St. Thomas Aquinas Forum (tags: catholic resources) Third Way Cafe - Mennonite Media (tags: mennonite christianity Mennonites anabaptist Christian theology anabaptists faith journal justice peace) gathering | - “The believing community is the new world on the way.” JH Yoder (tags: blog imported quaker blogs christian religion emergingchurch postmodern postmodernism) Mars Hill (tags: church … Continue reading links for 2007-11-14

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