friday evening….

This should be our last evening here in Yooperland; our flight departs Sawyer at 11:00 tomorrow. I say “should be our last evening here” because there is a winter storm warning for tomorrow afternoon. I suspect we will get our butts out of here just in time. Not that I didn’t enjoy my enforced idleness here, but I am ready to get back to my normal environment and to see my dogs.

Here is a question for you: What is Pastie ?

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  2. an article of clothing
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wednesday evening….

It’s cold outside with about an inch of snow. Dave and I took the dogs out for a while. I was surprised but the dogs  did not want to come back in; they were having a blast running around in the snow. Sweetous and Dave are going to the casino with their Mother and I will stay here with their Dad, Wayne. Wayne has Alzheimer’s, so he needs someone to stay with him. As soon as they left Wayne decided her needed to clear the snow off the driveway. Well, there was only about an inch or less but he figured it needed to be cleared. Wayne went outside and started pushing the snow. I went out too and asked if he had another shovel, which he didn’t. So I asked if he wanted me to shovel it and he said no. So I hung around to watch.  He would move around to various areas and push the snow, then he started clearing a strip on the street and in the grass. I tried to get him back on track but, no success with that. Anyway, eventually the driveway was cleared and we went back inside. Wayne is watching TV now and I will surf the web for a while.

At Church….

We went to church this morning; today is the Feast of Christ the King. The Liturgy was well done and the Sermon was good; how the Kingship of Christ is through the Cross and not through power and conquest as in ordinary kings and politics. The church here is old (not sure how old) and the sanctuary is beautiful  with dark wood furniture, hardwood floor, and a large wall painting of Christ on the cross and the two thieves on each side behind the altar; very nice. I will see if I can get some pictures before I leave. My Mother in Law tells me that the church was moved from the old town to it’s present location when the iron mine expanded. From what I can see they did a great job moving it.

an update….

I had a nice sleep last night in spite of the small sofa bed; and I slept late too. We have a lot of time on our hands here, so Sweetous decided to put everyone’s time to good use. Her parents have always been pack rats; thy have clutter throughout the house; and they are old, so they have accumulated lots of clutter ! Today we cleaned the kitchen and one of the bathrooms. We threw a lot of junk out but they still have a pantry full of canned goods; 20 cans of pork and beans is but one example.

I’ve been reading The Victorian Internet; a book comparing the telegraph and the Internet regarding the similarities in the way each effected society and culture. One thing that impressed me was the trouble they had to go through to get telegraphy up and running; the obstacles were quite formidable. One similarity I noted today was there were several competing telegraph technologies and coding systems which is similar to the early years of the Internet with competing browsers, operating systems etc. Evevtually both technologies became fairly standardized.

I have tried several times to get on line today without success. Davey and I went to the wal-Mart and the mall this evening. I was hoping to find a coffee shop with Wi-Fi, but no such luck. So when we got back to the house, I tried again and finally was able to get a broadband connection ! So now, I shall indulge my web-surfing obsession ’til I get booted or ’til I get tired. LOL !

in Yooperland….

Steve drove us to BWI this morning and we arrived in Marquette at 2:00 pm. It’s cold up here, but not as cold as it can be, right now about 25 degrees. We just finished a Thanksgiving dinner and now we shall just chill out. My broadband modem is working nicely although I do think it is a little slower than FIOS. I am considering keeping it though; I’ll have to see how I can restructure my plan with Verizon. Penny the dog we had that we gave to Dave is doing well, looks like she slimmed down some.

We changed planes in Detroit. A lot of people don’t like airports but I thought the Detroit Airport was cool. First of all everything moved quite smoothly. Walking to our gate, I noticed a small elevated train inside the concourse; never saw an indoor train before, I was impressed. Leaving that part we passed thru a “tunnel” or hallway that was decorated and had sound effects like some sort of place one would find on Second Life; now that was really cool !

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thursday afternoon…..

Sweetous and I went walking after work yesterday, but not likely today because it has been raining all day. We will probably go on a Wal-Mart expedition after work. I’m fairly busy at work, but not overwhelmed. Right now I am a bit bogged down with this tiny type list that I am transcribing to a spreadsheet. I had some soup for lunch and read a little bit. I read from “The Voice Revealed” and I also started a reading “The Meaning of Jesus, Two Visions“. I have several books to read but I find I spend too much time on the internet. Well, I am going to the UP next week for vacation so I should have time to read there ’cause I don’t think I will have easy access to the net.

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