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Religion and Technology Center, Inc. (tags: religion technology manuscripts) White House Christmas (tags: gifts political ornaments holiday christmas) - Consumer Reports blogs: Electronics, Cars, Home, Safety, Shopping and more (tags: blogs money life) Everything TypePad: News Mentions (tags: blog blogging typepad) About Xenos Christian Fellowship (tags: church resources theology bible spirituality)

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Ten Websites Every Pastor Should Know (tags: bible online religion christian christianity resources) Google Pirate | Time to plunder... (tags: google search downloads torrents p2p music software searchengines searchengine) M*A*S*H (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: TV)

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St. Thomas Aquinas Forum (tags: catholic resources) Third Way Cafe - Mennonite Media (tags: mennonite christianity Mennonites anabaptist Christian theology anabaptists faith journal justice peace) gathering | - “The believing community is the new world on the way.” JH Yoder (tags: blog imported quaker blogs christian religion emergingchurch postmodern postmodernism) Mars Hill (tags: church … Continue reading links for 2007-11-14

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lurking chihuahua: Can money buy happiness ? (tags: blog religion) Washington Animal Rescue League (tags: animals rescue dogs cats)

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Middle School student punished for hugging ! Here's an example of stupidity by a school administrator. I am appalled ! (tags: news stupidity school)

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Podbean - Free Podcast Hosting, Searching and Subscription, Audio Video Blog Hosting (tags: podcasting podcast hosting free Podcasts web2.0 blog)

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Prompts to start you writing | 43 Folders (tags: writing blogging) Imagination Prompt Generator: Writing Inspiration at the Press of a Button (tags: blog blogging writing creativity inspiration ideas tools productivity generator resource reference journaling)