an update….

I had a nice sleep last night in spite of the small sofa bed; and I slept late too. We have a lot of time on our hands here, so Sweetous decided to put everyone’s time to good use. Her parents have always been pack rats; thy have clutter throughout the house; and they are old, so they have accumulated lots of clutter ! Today we cleaned the kitchen and one of the bathrooms. We threw a lot of junk out but they still have a pantry full of canned goods; 20 cans of pork and beans is but one example.

I’ve been reading The Victorian Internet; a book comparing the telegraph and the Internet regarding the similarities in the way each effected society and culture. One thing that impressed me was the trouble they had to go through to get telegraphy up and running; the obstacles were quite formidable. One similarity I noted today was there were several competing telegraph technologies and coding systems which is similar to the early years of the Internet with competing browsers, operating systems etc. Evevtually both technologies became fairly standardized.

I have tried several times to get on line today without success. Davey and I went to the wal-Mart and the mall this evening. I was hoping to find a coffee shop with Wi-Fi, but no such luck. So when we got back to the house, I tried again and finally was able to get a broadband connection ! So now, I shall indulge my web-surfing obsession ’til I get booted or ’til I get tired. LOL !