I am awake at my computer before 6:00 am on a non-work day

I am awake at my computer before 6:00 am on a non-work day ! Sweetous had to work today, so when she got up I did also and let the dogs out for a while. I debated whether to stay up or go back to bed and chose to return to bed. However, I wasn’t really able to get back to sleep. Last night before going to bed I had started thinking about new year’s resolutions and became obsessed with the idea of doing a blog about resolutions.

I have never been into making resolutions. I resist the idea of setting goals and making a commitment to accomplish any particular task within a given time frame; preferring instead to lurk and prowl my way through life. Of course I actually do make and keep commitments: I’ve been married to Sweetous for over 20 years, we raised two princesses, I served in the Army for 20 years, I have held a job with the same organization since 1992, and I attend church almost every Sunday. However, it is true that I really prefer not to make commitments.

Keeping in mind my aversion to planning, goal setting, and commitments; I will now make some flexible resolutions for the rapidly approaching new year….

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exercise on the brain….

Here is a good article that should inspire me to walk more…

Link: Exercise on the Brain – New York Times.

One form of training, however, has been shown to maintain and improve brain health — physical exercise. In humans, exercise improves what scientists call “executive function,” the set of abilities that allows you to select behavior that’s appropriate to the situation, inhibit inappropriate behavior and focus on the job at hand in spite of distractions. Executive function includes basic functions like processing speed, response speed and working memory, the type used to remember a house number while walking from the car to a party.

an update….

Well, the furnace guy finally came about 6:00 pm and fixed it right up. Now I have heat & hot water and I took a long hot soaking bath. So, a word to the wise; do not procrastinate on maintenance ! I asked the furnace gy what was wrong with it and he told me it was filters.

It’s COLD inside !

Way back in July my heating contractor called and wanted to schedule annual maintenance on my furnace; I declined because I was busy with other matters. He tried again in October but, again I put it off ’til an unspecified date. Anyway, yesterday the weather got very cold here, and simultaneously my furnace stopped working. I called them last night and they wanted to send someone out between 10pm and midnight; I told them that the next day afternoon would be good ’cause I did not want to be up that late having work done in the house. So, today is even colder, the snow is coming down, and I am waiting for the furnace guy to come. He is supposed to come between12pm and 4pm. I’m hoping that he does ’cause it is colder than a witches tit in a brass bra ! The micro-dogs hope he comes too !

I left work early but I did bring several projects home to work on whilst waiting on the furnace guy. Yeah, I am very busy at work this week.

First day back at work….

My first day back at work started uneventfully. However, by the end of the day I had accumulated enough work to keep me busy into next week. Most of the tasks are straight forward and I’ll knock them off without any problem. There is one though that is likely to be a serious pain in the buttocks. I am supposed to transfer the data from one of our spreadsheets into someone else’s spreadsheet. I do a lot of that and usually it is not a problem. The sheet in question is radically different in format and style from ours and it’s protected ! It has numerous merged cells and cells with extraneous stuff in them; I have tried to add lines and it won’t allow me to do so ! I won’t be so bold as to say I know everything there is to know about excel, but I do know a lot; seems to me that this sheet was deliberately designed to be difficult to use. From what I can figure I will have to move the data cell by cell and since I cant’ add lines, I will have to use tabs for pages. ARRRRG !

I noticed that my room-mate did not come in this morning. She had been out the week prior to my absence ’cause her baby was sick. I had noted that she also seemed to be ill at ease. She was young and new and her position was a newly created one. My opinion is that I don’t think anyone is entirely clear about what the position is all about. Of course that’s just my opinion, I am not a supervisor or manager. Anyway, I was told by a co-worker that she had been fired. I asked what happened; apparently that had been a verbal altercation of some sort with another employee; a rather high strung princess who is the CEO’s sister in law.

Ok, enough of that stuff. I did well today in my on again off again quest to loose weight and be healthy. I walked the stairs in our building twice today and did a three mile walk after work with Sweetous. The temptation was there to skip the walk, but I did’nt. I also avoided eating any candy or junk food at work today. Now, I will surf the web ’til I get tired and go to bed.