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Rapid Deployment Kits (tags: activism christian) A Conversation with Sybil MacBeth, author of Praying in Color - explorefaith (tags: religion faith spirituality)

tuesday evening…

Sweetous and I had been walking three miles a day in late December and early January and then stopped 'cause of bad weather and being sick. So, today they tell me I may be pre-diabetic. I looked on the web and found the two major factors for that are being overweight and lack of exercise. … Continue reading tuesday evening…

note to self…

The nurse called me this afternoon and told me I had to get more labs done ! They say I have low sodium and high glucose.  I shall have to investigate this stuff and see what I can do about it... low sodium symptoms - Google Search low sodium in body - Google Search low … Continue reading note to self…

weekend recap…

I am at work now, been busy all morning. Friday was the same way, only more so. I'm actually making some good progress today though 'cause there have been no interruptions and special urgent requests as there was on Friday. I was busy at home over the weekend too, helping Sweetous and shopping. I went … Continue reading weekend recap…

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Americans for Fairness in Lending - Home (tags: activism credit debt economics education facts finance justice law lending money politics reform) frontline: secret history of the credit card | PBS (tags: academic creditcard culture debt Finance Credit PBS history Money society) Thomas Merton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: religion mysticism wikipedia christianity people Merton … Continue reading links for 2008-01-28

Maxed Out !

Maxed Out: Hard Times in the Age of Easy Credit by James D. Scurlock | LibraryThingI just finished this book and I find the whole situation to be appalling. Unless we make some radical changes in our system, we are doomed.related links...Americans for Fairness in Lending - Homefrontline: secret history of the credit card | … Continue reading Maxed Out !

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Upload Comet - Host Your Files For Free (tags: backup free) Kateri Tekakwitha (tags: Catholic ecology) Web desktop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: desktop webos webtop web2.0 AJAX internet applications wikipedia)

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Spock - phishing? JaseZone - spamming. :: Rebecca Blood (tags: networking social cyberculture phishing) Slice - America's Favorite Pizza Weblog! (tags: best blog blog, blogs food recipes pizza foodblog slice)

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Orthodox Christian Information Center Home Page (tags: Orthodoxy Orthodox religion Christianity resources theology) oremus Bible Browser (tags: bible psalms) (tags: im chat web2.0 Messaging messenger Tools online) Main Page - Downloadpedia (tags: software freeware opensource download wiki Downloads free) Clusty the clustering search engine (tags: search searchengine SearchEngines Internet tools web clustering alternative) Intute … Continue reading links for 2008-01-24

candles !

Hey everyone who passes by ! Go visit my blog friend at Nan's Journal and if you need candles; buy some from her! The Janey Briscoe Workshop has employed handicapped employees for years now and the employees do a beautiful job of making scented candles in an array of colors and fragrances..... The reason for … Continue reading candles !

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oremus Bible Browser : Psalm 13 (tags: bible psalm oremus) "No Links Please" drains HREFs, discourages web fiddling | 43 Folders (tags: firefox greasemonkey gtd lifehack procrastination productivity technology)

myoldest blog post…

lurking_chihuahua's Xanga Site - 6/20/2003 7:36:41 AM This is a link to my oldest extant blog post on Xanga. I will leave the old blogs intact but I do want to copy the posts over to here as a long term project... Powered by ScribeFire.

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oremus Bible Browser Psalm 11 (tags: bible religion god psalms) Firefox 2 Vista Black Beta by ~Internauta2000 on deviantART (tags: firefox themes vista skin mozilla black) deviantART: where ART meets application! (tags: art design graphics photography wallpaper images community) BingoDisk (tags: storage backup webdav hosting online joyent textdrive) Free Online Backup – IDrive – Encrypted, … Continue reading links for 2008-01-22