too much water ????

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The nurse called me again today and said I may be drinking too much water ! Balls and Hell those doctors are such a pain in the ass and I think half the time they’re just taking a best guess anyway. I had told them the last phone conversation I drank 10 liters a day; that was really just a wild guess I have no idea how much. I know I do drink a lot and always have, so it’s not likely they’ll teach this old dog new tricks ! I probably over estimated how much, I suppose I should keep track so I can say for sure how much.

I was feeling crappy last nite but feel fine today. I got a lot done at work today too; I’m hoping to finish this big project I’ve been working on for a while, tomorrow. I made good progress yesterday but was interrupted by the having to pack and ship some boxes of files to storage. I did one circuit of the the stairs today at work, I will do some more tomorrow.

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tuesday evening…

Sweetous and I had been walking three miles a day in late December and early January and then stopped ’cause of bad weather and being sick. So, today they tell me I may be pre-diabetic. I looked on the web and found the two major factors for that are being overweight and lack of exercise. Yikes ! So, tonight I used my elliptical trainer for 15 minutes and did 30 reps on the crunch machine. Sweetous worked out too, we both need to get back on the program. Actually we need to do the three mile walk so we can wear out the dog too ! Bella has been getting rowdy in bed around midnight the last few nights !

weekend recap…

I am at work now, been busy all morning. Friday was the same way, only more so. I’m actually making some good progress today though ’cause there have been no interruptions and special urgent requests as there was on Friday. I was busy at home over the weekend too, helping Sweetous and shopping. I went to Barnes & Noble on on Sat & Sun both, but restrained myself from buying any books. I did finish a book over the weekend: Maxed Out: Hard Times in the Age of Easy Credit: Books: James D. Scurlock

I’ve also moved some posts from an old blog I had to here and will continue with that, along with posting pictures to this blog.

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more notes and a big announcement !

First the big announcement: young Piglette a/k/a Princess 2.0 or Dawnie is pregnant ! I’ve known for week or two and Mike and Dawn told me today that I could release the news for the world to see ! So soon I will be a grampa ! Outstanding ! It seems like not very long ago I was a in the Army, single and raising hell. That was over twenty years ago but sometimes seems like yesterday, other times like ages ago. Very surreal and very good ! Continue reading

tuesday notes…

Hemingway – Warpspire

I was browsing some blogs today and found one using this theme which I thought looked really good. So I checked to see if had it and they did; now I will use it (for a while anyway). It’s a big change from before. One aspect of this theme I don’t like is that you must click the title to make the links in post come up live !

Yesterday was a bear at work, today is much calmer; I’m hoping to finish the tape I’m on now and then start another one today. After work I am hoping to get my car out of the shop ’cause I hate driving the pick-up !

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