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Kiva - Loans that change lives (tags: microfinance charity microcredit finance business development economics) Kiva - Loans that change lives (tags: microlending charity philanthropy entrepreneurship loans microfinance business activism) April D. DeConick (tags: mysticism spirituality theology)

P2P lending

Kiva - Loans that change lives This is a way for ordinary people to make small loans to small business entrepreneurs in the US and in other countries. I like the concept of individuals being able to lend to other individuals, bypassing the big business financial predators. Microfinance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Prosper: The … Continue reading P2P lending

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Jewish Heritage Online Magazine (tags: culture history information Jewish journal magazine music religion resources theology Judaism) WorldWideWeb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: browser history web web2.0 NeXT WWW) List of web browsers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: browser browsers wikipedia web internet free software) Category:Defunct websites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: history … Continue reading links for 2008-02-27

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The Water Wheel (tags: water blog blogs) ADrive - Online Storage & Backup (tags: storage backup online free hosting tools internet onlinestorage web2.0)

saturday evening…

GMX - Global Mail Exchange - I saw this email service advertised in a magazine. Of course I can't resist trying these things out, so I got an account. I doubt that it will cause me to abandon gmail but from what I see so far, I much prefer GMX over Hotmail or Yahoo.

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Universal Salvation and the Roman Catholic Church - A Summary and Some Resources (tags: apokastasis) frontline: secret history of the credit card: watch online | PBS high - cable/dsllow - 56k 2. A Closer Look at the Industry's Best Customers The big profits come from the 90 million who don't pay off their credit card … Continue reading links for 2008-02-23

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Pro-life Quakers (tags: quaker pro-life prolife abortion) Left Libertarian Quaker (tags: blog links quaker) Christian Libertarians (tags: christian christianity philosophy political politics religion) Wise Bread | Personal Finance and Frugal Living Forums (tags: finance blog money lifehacks frugal tips advice) 西儒 ─ The Western Confucian (tags: blog blogs) Submitting a Site to The Open Directory … Continue reading links for 2008-02-22

thursday evening…

This picture was sent to me via email by Smitty. So, what do you see ? You saw a couple in an intimate pose......................... right? Interestingly, research has shown that young children cannot identify the intimate couple because they do not have prior memory associated with such a scenario. What they will see, however, is … Continue reading thursday evening…

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List of important publications in computer science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: papers computer reference cs programming algorithms science wikipedia) Map of New York City - New York City Map - New York Times Travel (tags: google GoogleMaps guide icons map maps mashup new newyork nyc tools travel) The Authoritarians (tags: politics psychology Books … Continue reading links for 2008-02-21

links for 2008-02-20 (tags: spiritual blog authors) Welcome to Uclue (Beta) (tags: answers reference research search community google tools) Wikileaks - Wikileaks (tags: politics censorship News wiki wikileaks journalism reference activism) 20 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting Out in Life | Zen Habits (tags: lifehacks life advice tips happiness selfimprovement productivity psychology zen zenhabits … Continue reading links for 2008-02-20