monday evening…

I quite tired right now, but that is fine and not at all to unexpected. I had a busy day at work; having worked through lunch helping the Dogette. I had started the day off with a brisk 40 minute walk and after work I took the car to MVA for inspection. When I got home I had to help LB with the computer and then I worked out; 40 minutes on my elliptical trainer. Later this evening I did 2 phone consultations with the Dogette regarding a rather LARGE and complicated spreadsheet. So, now I really think it is time to take a double hit of Benadryl and kick back and relax !

Oh, I would also like to report that I weigh 235 lbs as opposed to 241 lbs albeit there are two different scales involved. I still take that as a positive sign of progress.

Young Piglette sent me pics of inside her house; they had rearranged the furniture….

Click here for the pics…
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an article that will get your attention…

The Mountain Sentinel: energy depletion, sustainability, fascism, socioeconomic collapse, democracy, equality, activism, peak oil.

This article is simultaneously scary as hell and hopeful. We are indeed addicted to technology and I suspect this is natural for Humans; technology is one of the traits that sets us apart from other creatures (stone age tools are a type of technology). This article makes an excellent point that our current technology is way too energy intensive or more accurately petroleum intensive. Another point made is that technology has profound effects on our psychology and society. This is an interesting and thought provoking article; although I think there is also a touch of paranoia perhaps. Or, perhaps not…

sunday evening…

The  weekend went by fast ! I stayed up late Friday and Saturday and slept late ! Sweetous has been working late all week too; she’s hoping that will end in a day or so. This evening I was playing around with Linux ’cause Sweetous’ PC won’t finish booting Windows. It seems to work just fine with this PC-LOS live CD. I may install that for her if she wants me too. I had Damn Small Linux running on it too. She tried the DSL and liked it ok except her mouse didn’t work. The mouse works with PC-LOS.

I tried both of those on my Lenovo too. The live CD’s boot faster than my Vista does ! Hell ! But, with PC-LOS my display was not quite right and with DSL I couldn’t get the internet connection started. I’m sure that could be fixed, but I don’t know how right off hand.

Well, I better get to bed earlier tonight!

Fitness & Nutrition Web Sites « notations / lurking chihuahua

Fitness & Nutrition Web Sites « notations / lurking chihuahua

I added a page of links to fitness & nutrition resources. I will continue to add more as I find them. I recently started a weight loss program and I see that there is a lot of useful information and tools out there in cyberspace. So, be healthy and enoy !

Google Answers: How many calories per stair?

Google Answers: How many calories per stair?

I wanted to find out the calories burned if I did a complete circuit down and then back up of the stairs in my office building (50 down 50 up). I kept finding calories per hour for either up or down which really wasn’t helpful to me. I mean I am certainly not going to walk the stairs for an hour or even come close to that. The link above gives a figure per stair going up and going down.

an account of my session with the dietitian…

I have been on my weight loss program for a month or so and today I had an appointment with the Dietitian. For the past couple weeks I have subjectively felt that I was a bit lighter and today I had partial confirmation of that. I say partial because the change was not that great and the weighing was not done on the same scale as before. Anyway, a month ago I was 246 lbs when I saw the Doc and today I was 241 lbs. So, I will take that as an encouraging sign…

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a surprise that can kill you…

I just saw on the TV news something about DVT; blood clots in your legs that can come loose and kill you ! Yikes ! I had never heard of it and apparently not many people have. Check out these web sites to learn more and don’t sit on your ass all day as lack of movement is one of the major factors involved: PreventDvt.Org: and Deep vein thrombosis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

OK, lunch time ! I shall go for walk and return later…

linkage 2008-03-22

notes and linkage….

Well, it’s been a long week, albeit a slow week. I’m at work now, but I will try to leave around 12:30 or so ‘casue I’m going on a road trip to visit my Parents & Brothers. Sweetous will stay back because she has to work this weekend, but I think I will take LB with me.  I’ve been doing well as far as keeping to my calorie limit but I have fell short on the walking. I’ll have to keep at that and do better. I’m a bit tired today ’cause I was up later than usual; I got back from church last night at 9:00 pm and then stayed up ’til 10:30 which is late for me on a weeknight.

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links for 2008-03-21

wednesday afternoon…

I was dog tired this morning, so I skipped the morning and lunch time walks. I’m hoping I won’t be so tired tomorrow. We had planned to walk in the park this afternoon, but it’s raining, so that is also not likely. I’ll probably do some work on my elliptical trainer later tonight. Well, it was a really easy day at work today; I’m pretty much all caught up ! That’s rare.

monday night…

Today was busy at work, but not excessively so. I walked 40 minutes twice today and I posted two new pages on this site. The first one is a History Exam asking questions about mid 2oth Century life in the USA. I passed with flying colors with the designation “older than dirt” ! The quiz was sent to me via email by Caryn

My other new page is of a more serious note, appropriate for Holy Week; a page of pictures covering the Life of Jesus Christ. I got these pics also from Caryn via email.

sunday evening….

I’m feeling much better today than yesterday, but I talked to LB today and she has a hellish head cold ! It sure would be nice if someone came up with an effective means to kill or prevent these things ! Head colds are so danged annoying ! On a positive note: today is the third day of my calorie counting regimen and I have stayed well under my 2,400 calorie quota, and it really wasn’t all that difficult. I went to church this morning for the first time in a month; I’m glad I went. I need to do better in that area.

This afternoon I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and then to Barnes and Noble to look at books (and gawk at women too of course). I started reading a book, Finn and decided to buy it. It’s a novel by Jon Clinch, a continuation of Mark Twain’s Huck Finn books. It’s interesting to see that Southern dialect in writing. Here are some relevant links: