saturday morning….

Saturday morning sitting on the porch, drinking coffee, listening to music and prowling the web: perfect ! Not only that but the sky is getting dark and there is a breeze. My favorite weather; not too hot not too cold and a storm is coming. Yes, an excellent start to the day. I shall have to see if Sweetous wants to go about lurking and prowling anywhere..


I went walking this morning but I’m in a lazy mood right now so I skipped the lunch walk today. I’m gonna try to sneak outta here early so I can get to Wal-Mart and grab some groceries. Things are slow at work today; finished a couple projects this morning and the spreadsheet from hell did not manifest itself. I’m not complaining.

The Other Side of 40: What I learned about Boomers vs Gen X’ers – Nancy notes that Boomers are generally better conversationalists than Gen X’s or Y’s and attributes that to the ubiquitous text message or IM. I’m not sure if the Boomers really are better conversationalists or not but I have noticed and read about people today being simultaneously more connected and more isolated than ever before as a result of our digital lifetyle. As is true of most things, technology has both good and bad effects on individuals and society as a whole.

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Today was moderately busy at work. I expect tomorrow will be a pain in the ass. I got lots of exercise today: walked in the morning and at lunch time, cut the grass when I got home. I downloaded and installed Tetris and Asteroids on my tiny computer. I tried to install Second Life on a USB stick and run it on the tiny computer but was not successful with that. This afternoon I added several links to my page of Wikipedia links.

notes and linkage….

Today is another slow day, but I know that won’t last long. I’m back from my lunch time walk; also walked this morning. I need to get back on track with my diet / exercise after this past weekend. I had been getting a little slack anyway. Time to stern it up ! Sweetous called me earlier and told me she had already got the dogs out of the kennel. That’s good; one less chore for me. I will probably sit out on the porch this evening as it is a really nice day; perhaps we will get a storm later.

This weekend I bought an 8 gigabyte flash drive. I installed Open Office on it while I was at Mike & Pig’s place. I shall have to see what other software I can put on that: portable software – Google Search.

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road trip….

Sweetous and I are on a road trip this weekend: today we’re in State College visiting Pig and Mike and tomorrow we will goto my Parents place. We will celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday ! The women are out prowling the yard sales now. I am prowling the web but I think I may goto Barnes and Noble for a while.


Today is a very laid back Friday ! Things are pretty slow at the office today, and lots of people out. I got our IT guy to set up my tiny computer with a remote desktop connection to my office computer. So this very minute I am at work, at my desk, operating my office PC with my tiny PC. Ain’t that a hoot ? LOL !

fitness notes….

For the past week or so I have felt like i had lost more weight, so I decided to weigh myself this morning. My intuition was indeed correct ! I weighed 221 lbs down 5 lbs from 226 on May 9th and a full 20 lbs from my starting weight 241 lbs on March 25th. I am right pleased to be on the right track ! I will continue my relentless quest to reach 150 lbs. So far today I have walked twice 35 minutes in the morning and I just finished a 40 minute lunchtime walk.


I went to Wal-Mart and Barnes and Noble after work today and then had to go see LB too, so I am back home later than usual. I had dinner out and blew my diet ! BALLS ! HELL ! Well in any case I still burned more than I took in so that is good.

Total steps today: 20,040 Yikes ! That is a lot of steps, makes me wonder about the accuracy of the device !

notes at work and some linkage….

Today is one of those rare days at work when I don’t have much to do; most days are at least moderately hectic. Of course that could all change in an instant ! I could be suddenly, without warning, besieged by multiple people all of them with some urgent task to be done right away or at least as soon as possible. So, I shall just kick back and enjoy being in the “stand by” mode.

I have not been idle though; ’cause I did go walking twice so far today, both times for 40 minutes. Today I started wearing a pedometer so I can try to do 1,000 steps per day.

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I am going to try this out on my tiny computer. I think I already have one of these things at home, so that’s something I will do this evening.

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notes at work….

It’s raining today, and cold too ! I missed my morning walk ’cause there were some “urgent” items on my desk when I came in this morning. I started my lunch time walk but cut it short because of rain and lightning. I shall have to be motivated and hit the elliptical trainer when I get home.

The list I am transcribing now is very bad hand writing; I’m glad it is not overly long. This morning I mashed a couple spreadsheets that various people (with not so good spreadsheet skills) had been working on; that was tedious but again, it was short.

OK, back to work….


We decided to lug the dresser up the back stairs this evening rather than waiting; so now we’re finished with that and I shall prowl about the web looking for interesting links…

Living Internet – this site has interesting, obscure, and esoteric info about the internet; to include IRC, usenet, MUD’s and of course the Web.

The Psychology of Cyberspace – Home Page/Table of ContentsThis hypertext book explores the psychological aspects of environments created by computers and online networks. It presents an evolving conceptual framework for understanding how people react to and behave within cyberspace: what I call “the psychology of cyberspace” – or simply “cyberpsychology.”

road trip – Piglette graduates !

We did road trip this weekend to visit Mike & Piglette. This weekend Piglette graduated from Penn State ! Now I am tired from the road trip and from trying to move a huge dresser upstairs. We were unable to get it upstairs because of the narrow doorway. Later this week we will try taking it up the back stairs. I am nearly certain that it will fit easily that way but the back stairs are so rickety; I’m concerned about falling or stepping through a step. Hopfully it will work well and with no injuries or damage. Tomorrow I willl probably cut the grass after work..

reduced risk of longevity…

Overweight kids face irreversible damage to their bodies and a reduced risk of longevity

That’s what this article says about the dangers of obesity. Of course the dangers of obesity are very real; but what about the danger of bad sentence structure ? Shouldn’t that be “risk of reduced longevity” ? LOL !

mindset lists & a cool video…..

Interesting list; starts out asking “What Berlin Wall ?” and continues with other events and cultural artifacts that Boomers and X’ers take for granted. They have lists going back to the class of 2002. BELOIT COLLEGE’S MINDSET LIST® FOR THE CLASS OF 2011

Smitty sent me this link for a cool video featuring the U.S. Flag: Gathering of Mustangs & Legends – Flag Jump