thursday lunchtime…

I’m at work, trying to finish everything up so I can take off tomorrow in good conscience. We’re making a road trip to DuBois & State College; the occasion being a baby shower for young Piglette on Saturday !

I get lots of email everyday; some spam, newsletters, and lots of stuff from my friends. I figure today I will post a couple good ones I’ve received recently.

First a Quiz to help men ascertain whether or not they are gay. This is something important that every man should know. Of course the quiz is in bad taste and bound to offend some, but go ahead and check it out. You know you want to !

The next item is a set of beautiful landscape photos captioned with an important lesson about trusting God and not allowing fear to control your life. Check this one out also and enjoy your day !

tiny computers…

Living With… an Ultraportable

Tiny computers are great for portability and work well for email, chat, and casual web surfing. I think part of the appeal is the “cute factor”. If you need to do a lot of data entry you really need something bigger; for spreadsheets I prefer a desk top computer.

I really like my Asus Eee pc and this one from Lenovo looks good too.

Teen Challenge USA

I am out on the porch taking it easy. Perfect weather for that; the clouds are gathering, a light breeze blowing, and I hear thunder in the background.

Coming out of Wal-Mart I gave money to a group soliciting at the door:Teen Challenge USA.  When I got home I was reading our church newsletter nd there was a letter from someone in our Parish who is in the prgram.  So, I figure I ought to blog it too. They’re a Christian addiction recovery program.

Christian the Lion

You may have heard about Christians vs lions, but have you heard about Christian the Lion ?

This is a lion that had been kept has a pet since he was a cub. When
he grew too large to stay in an apartment the owners re-introduced him to the wild. He did well as a wild lion.

The former owners decided to visit him in the wild and Christian remembered them ! This is so cool !

Verified by Snopes.

a pre-emptive strike against the proverbial wolf at the door…

After work I took my can of coins to Safeway and dumped them into the coin eating machine: I got over a $100.00 which I will use to make a grocery run to Wal-Mart tomorrow. I’ve never been one to watch my money real closely but over the past few months it has become evident that I need to tighten things up; especially need to stop charging things.

The wolf is not at the door but I can see him out there circling around, waiting, watching. My intent his to bite the wolf in the ass before he bites me in the ass… Continue reading

Beware Charismatic Men Who Preach “Change”

People love to follow a charismatic leader. When the economy is in the toilet they love to hear about change for the better. This is nothing new, examples include: Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Castro etc. They were all very good at getting people to follow them, they were inspiring speakers. I do not want to draw too close a comparison to our current situation and any of the aforementioned dictators; but it is always a good idea to be at least a little bit skeptical. I got this in my email this morning: Letter to the Editor of Richmond Times... Continue reading

tuesday evening…

I ran into some heavy traffic coming home from work so I made a u-turn & tried some back roads. I ended up doing a “wilderness trek”. LOL Montgomery coounty is covers a lot of area; I was probably in Frederick county too for part of the trek…

weekend recap monday morning…

I’m at work making some good progress on a very large spreadsheet. I’ve been swamped with work for a couple weeks now but the end of the backlog is in site; today or tomorrow I would guess. Of course, I could get a another big pile before the day is over. We shall see how it goes.

Sweetous was watching the farm this weekend and I helped her. Saturday night I was channel surfing TV and found an interesting movie to watch: Seraphim Falls. I started somewhere in the middle but it was still quite interesting with lots of violence too. Continue reading

Yesterday was another gawd awful busy day

Yesterday was another gawd awful busy day at work but I made it a point to go walking in the morning and at lunch time. I figure it’s good for me and the work can wait.In the evening I helped Sweetous at the farm she is watching; the new owners have improved the place quite a lot. I’m impressed. Of course I stayed up too late last night, and I’m a bit tired today; oh well. I will take some empty bottles to the recycling place and then go to Borders or BN for a while; perhaps walk around the mall too…

Today was a serious pain in the ass ! I …

Today was a serious pain in the ass ! I was in early, worked ALL day ! No walk, no lunch, no web surfing. I got a lot done; problem is I didn’t get anything done that I had planned to do, just urgent hit and runs tasks and one of them was massive ! Tomorrow I will go walking, regardless ! I like to be busy but today was just too damn busy !