friday evening…

I had quite the busy day today; started with a 40 minute early morning walk in the rain before work. That’s my favorite walk; very early still dark with a light rain. Then I toiled all day on a rather onerous spreadsheet which I hope to have finished come Monday afternoon. So, after work I went to Borders for a while and bought a book: Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity by Tau Malachi | LibraryThing

thoughts about the web….

The links on the web are like footnotes or “see also” notes in books. Hypertext is better than footnotes because it makes vast amounts of information available at the click of a mouse. I used to read encylopedias in high school study hall; now I surf the web. The web is wonderful, but it has a “dark side” as well…. Continue reading

VIRUS WARNING ! UPS/FedEx Delivery Failure -The newest virus circulating is the “UPS Delivery Failure”. You will receive an email from UPS Packet Service along with a packet number. NOTE: The word packet is mis-spelled on this line. It will say that they were unable to deliver a package sent to you on such and such a date. It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached.


saturday evening…

I just took it easy today; went to Wal-Mart and Barnes & Noble after I finished my morning coffee. Actually I went to Best Buy and Circuit City too looking at the computers. LOL ! I can’t stay away from those things. I saw a tiny computer that was running Linux; it was nice except that it had the shiny screen ! I can’t stand the shiny screen !

Welcome to Women Who Care! – this group was outside Wal-Mart for donations of food items or cash. I bought some food items while I was in the store and donated them.

an idea worth considering….

My friend Chele sent me an email with a reprint of an essay by Charlie Reese titled “545 People” which opens with “Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them” which goes on to lambaste congress (we the people who keep reelecting them) for all the country’s problems. Of course I don’t totally agree with this but it does bring up some ideas worth thinking about.

Related linkage….

Charley Reese – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RE-ELECT NOBODY! by Dr. Rock – Growing Bolder – read the essay here. Continue reading

wednesday morning…

We went bike riding in the park yesterday; it was HOT ! I had also walked 30 minutes in the morning and again at lunch. So, this morning I am tired ’cause I had not rode my bike in a couple weeks. This morning is a very nice and cool, perfect day to walk but I just did a quick one around the building ’cause I’m tired.

thoughts about Matthew 15

Yesterday in Church one of the readings was the story about the Canaanite Woman found in Matthew 15 where a Canaanite Woman pleads with Jesus to heal her daughter. Jesus tells her that he was sent for the Jews and tells her it would not be right to give the children’s food to dogs ! She replies that even dogs are allowed to eat crumbs from the floor. Jesus is impressed with her faith and heals the daughter.

From the reading and the ensuing sermon I understood that we must be persistent in our faith but I was thinking that Jesus was being downright rude ! Of course I couldn’t leave it at that so this morning I did a search and found some articles to read… Continue reading

walking and talk about the Rapture…

catholic teaching on the end times – Google Search – I went walking at lunch today with a co-worker and we were talking about the End Times while we walked. Chele is an Evangelical Christian, I am an eclectic Christian (a very catholic Lutheran). She was telling me about the Rapture and how the wicked will be left behind to face Tribulation. Chele asked me what I believed about the end time; to which I replied that Christ would indeed return at some unspecified time and that one should always be ready to meet the Lord and that I had no specific scenario in mind as to how it would all come about. So, to enhance our knowledge I will look this up and read about it… Continue reading

thursday evening at home…

I straightened the house a little bit ’cause Sweetous will be back tomorrow. I’m glad, I miss my woman. I gathered up the laundry and washed some, took out the trash, and washed the dishes. So, now I will surf the web and listen to music…

wednesday evening…

I’m just taking it easy doing some web surfing and bookmarking stuff in my newly reformatted computer. I noticed something that is a bit bizarre even a bit perplexing and disconcerting perhaps. This computer has been reformatted and a new O/S installed. Still I went to Amazon for the first time on this “new” PC and there it was right on top as it always was “Hello Dennis” ! I suppose that it “knows” me because I am already signed into my gmail and wordpress. Still though seems very odd.