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Some of the web-sites I looked at today: a lengthy linkage listing…..

LOL ! Of course I didn’t read all that stuff in detail this morning while simultaneously working a spreadsheet ! These are sites that grabbed my attention while taking brief web surfing breaks.

baby Mike pic….

I had a nice visit with Piglette and the baby this weekend; and Sweetous too !  I’ll be glad when Sweetous comes back though. The dogs did real well but they were sure glad to see me when I got back yesterday. I took a couple pics of baby Mike but there was only one that wasn’t all blurry. I did something wrong when I took those. Here is the good pic….. Continue reading

weekend !

I’m visiting Piglette, Mike and the baby this weekend. Sweetous is staying with them for a couple weeks, so I’m visiting her too. Baby Mike is a cute little guy and generally pretty mellow; he likes to take it easy sleeping or being held. I’m at BN right now browsing books and looking at women LOL ! I would like to come visit more often, but it is expensive and I have to leave the dogs home alone.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Breast-Feeding Photos Trigger Criminal Probe – this article illustrates how totally ridiculous our society can be !

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Breast-Feeding Photos Trigger Criminal Probe – this article illustrates how totally ridiculous our society can be ! Apparently someone made unauthorized copies of photos of Jamie Lynn breastfeeding her baby and are sellling them on the web.  Now the police are looking for the person (s) to charge them with child pornography ! Of course it is not right that they copied the pics and are selling them on the web; but the child pornography thing is utterly ridiculous! First off; breast feeding is not a sexual activity. Also, a teenage mother is no longer a child; it is patently absurd to classify a teenage mother as a child.

What is Melamine? –

What is Melamine? – after reading this article, I would say that it is something that ought not to be added to food.  But it is found in dairy products and pet foods produced in China ! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there should not be anything for sale in the United States that is made in China !

Melamine is sometimes unethically added to food products in order to increase the apparent protein content. Standard tests such as the Kjeldahl and Dumas tests estimate protein levels by measuring the nitrogen content, so they can be misled by adding nitrogen-rich compounds such as melamine.

melamine – Google Search

back at work…

It seems like I’ve been gone for a week but actually just the normal weekend, albeit a whirlwind weekend. I’m back at work but so far it’s been a real slow day. I finished a short one and now I’m messing around with the files. Well, I could use a slow day anyway. Lunch time now, so I will go walking….

it’s time….

Sweetous got me out of bed at midnight; told me it was time. We drove to State College and now it 5:40 AM.  Piglette is in the delivery room; they figure the baby should be redy around 9:00. That’s good, but yikes; I am tired as hell !


I went walking at lunch time; a pleasant half hour walk. It’s cool and slightly cloudy; hoping it rains later so I won’t have to yard work LOL ! I feel like I may be getting a cold so, I really don’t want to do yard work, but I know Sweetous does ’cause she told me last night.  So, I was walking and came to a section of sidewalk all dug up to lay pipe or something. The thing is this side walk is only about three months old ! How dumb is that ? They shoudl have finished all the other stuff, then layed down  the sidewalk.