relaxing at home…

A very bust day, but I finished what I set out to do. Now I will get lost in cyberspace ’til bedtime. Of course I better not get too lost ’cause I need to get up tomorrow ’cause I have a lot of stuff to get done.

I see China is at it again ! Pirate’s Gold Chocolate Coin Recall – I see China is at it again ! I think we should have a total ban on all Chinese products. Our products are safer and having Americans produce products for Americans in the United States would benefit our economy. Of course there would be a lot of disruption to start with because our store shelves would be nearly empty without Chinese goods. I say to hell with China, cut them off now !

Portrait of an ISFP

Portrait of an ISFP – I am an ISFP according to the personality type test I just finished at  Being a quick 60 question online quiz of course it is not as comprehensive as complete test from a Psychologist but it was interesting and the ISFP designation does fit me in some ways. I ‘m not so sure how artistic I am, but it is true that I like things to look good and I love music. Also true is I tend to be somewhat aloof rather than highly gregarious. More links about personality types……

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appointment with the Dietician

I had my appointment with the Dietician this afternoon. I didn’t gain any weight nor did I loose any.  We discussed my eating and exercise behaviors and concluded that I need to cut back on the snacks; especially at work. I took my own BP on a do-it-yourself machine and was pleased to see some good numbers; I don’t remember what they were though ! I saw they had flu shots so I got one. Now I feel like I have the flu ! That hit me fast.


Slow day at work; I finished a couple spreadsheets and now my pile is empty unless I do some filing.  I will leave early today because I have an appointment with the Dietician; guess I picked a good day for that. I’m hoping I didn’t gain any weight ’cause I have been a bit lax with my eating although still doing well enough with the exercise.

the internet encourages social isolation is not necessarily true

More than 50 percent of Internet users who live with a spouse and at least one child go online with another person at least a few times a week, the survey found. Asked about the impact of new technologies, 47 percent said they have increased the quality of communication between family members, and the same percentage said there had been no difference. – an interesting article on cnet shows that the idea the internet encourages social isolation is not necessarily true; rather sometimes it is just the opposite.