busy long weekend….

….very busy long weekend ! Thursday I drove to get Piglette, Mike, Sweetous and then drove to my Parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. Then we drove back to Piglette’s place. Friday, we went prowling around the stores and managed to keep the spending to a “minimum”. Friday evening we watched baby Mike whilst Pig and Mike went to a reunion. We drove back Saturday; and once home I promptly got on my computer and got lost in cyberspace ’til midnight. Today was a whirlwind of household chores, shopping, and some lurking and prowling. I was sorely tempted to buy a tiny computer at Best Buy but restrained myself for the time being; perhaps later this week after I pay the bills…

white extremists lash out….

White extremists lash out over election of first black president – Los Angeles Times – this is outrageous and appalling ! I’m not an Obama supporter because I am Pro-Life; his being Black did not even enter into my voting decision. It’s really hard to comprehend that this kind of garbage still happens ! Come on people ! Oppose the man based on his ideas and track record not his Race !

He is our President now; we need to support him even if we don’t agree with all his ideas. My opinion is that he will likely make some good changes regarding the economy and health care issues.

The resurgence of the Klan combined with the economy being in the toilet is worrisome; this could be a very volatile situation. Obama better get the Army out of Iraq because we may need it right here at home to keep order.

comment on Mark15:33-41

Now when the centurion, who stood facing him, saw that in this way he* breathed his last, he said, ‘Truly this man was God’s Son!’ – from Mark 15:33-41 The Death of Jesus.

I am reading Amazon.com: Seven: The Deadly Sins and the Beatitudes: Jeff Cook: Books

In this book the author pairs each of the Deadly Sins with one of the Beatitudes. Chapter 6 contrasts wrath and being a peacemaker. The author describes how at the death of Jesus on the cross one of the Roman soldiers acknowledged that Jesus was the Son of God and that this was one of the titles claimed by Caeser. This illustrates the vast difference bewteen wrath and peacemaking. I had never noticed it before but the testimony of the soldier that Jeus was the Son of God; that is a very profound testimony especially considering the source.

Virtual Integrity (book)

Virtual Integrity: Faithfully Navigating the Brave New Web by Daniel J. Lohrmann

rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a guide to safety on the internet for Christians. The emphasis is on personal integrity when surfing, especially on social networks and making use of user controls to customize what you see on the web. The author is an internet security expert and a Christian.
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friday morning….

I was out walking this morning but cut it short after 20 minutes ’cause it was cold ! I made up for it though by walking the halls and stairs in our building. We have a fairly large 3-story building; so walking the halls and alternating the stairs on each end for 15 minutes was a decent work out. I got a good “huff” out of that.

info about scams and fraud on the web….

An Eclectic Mind : How Not to Get Caught in a Phishing Net – read and heed this article about how to avoid getting your pants screwed off. Some more related links: