yikes !

It's been a good while since I went to the dentist; I keep putting it off because it always involves discomfort, pain, and is expensive. Well now I will have to get an appoint soon 'cause tonight whilst brushing my teeth I lost a big chunk of a tooth !!

tuesday recap….

I was not very busy at work today and also felt rather unmotivated. I did walk three times today which is good; a total of 2 hours. However, I also blew my diet big time 'cause I had a snack attack this afternoon.


A busy day at work ! I was making good progress on my scheduled items but then I had to take care of another high priority rush job which I just completed. I did get a short walk in the morning but no lunch time walk 'cause I worked thru lunch.

It’s been another hyper busy day at wor …

It's been another hyper busy day at work. Of course that's much better than getting laid off. I went walking this morning and started to go at lunchtime but changed my mind when I looked at the trees and wire swaying all over the place; it's been very windy last night and today.