yikes !

It’s been a good while since I went to the dentist; I keep putting it off because it always involves discomfort, pain, and is expensive. Well now I will have to get an appoint soon ’cause tonight whilst brushing my teeth I lost a big chunk of a tooth !!

friday morning…..

The day is off to a good start ! I weighed myself this morning and I’m holding steady. I went walking this morning ! At the moment I am not feeling overwhelmed by the workload ’cause I finished that hyper-high priority stuff yesterday. Last but not least, I checked my bank account and noticed that one of my tax refunds is waiting to be posted ! It’s Friday !!!!

thursday notes….

Today is much less stressful (so far anyway) than the past week or so; and I’m glad ! I don’t mind working hard but I can’t stand when people are getting all hyper to get it ALL done immediately !! Much better today. I went walking at lunchtime and it was so nice outside; perhaps I’ll do another walk after work.


 ‘So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today. — Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew

I woke up this morning with feelings of high anxiety about financial matters and my overwhelming workload. Worrying will not do me any good though. These word from Jesus are easier said than done but He does indeed speak the truth. Even if my financial situation was terrible and my workload enormous; worrying about would not be a useful thing to do. On the bright side I can say that at least I am well off enough to have financial anxiety and when the economy is in the toilet: a large workload is a good thing !

A day without a cell phone is no big deal to me.

This is a response to a the question on Plinky “Have you ever gone a day without a cell phone ?”

I’m over 50 and did not have a cell phone ’til I was over 40. When my kids were in middle school they wanted cell phones; so we got them and I eventually got one of them as a hand-me-down. Now I have a razor phone but other than the basic functions I don’t know how to use it and don’t really care. The cell phone is handy, and good for “emergencies” but I don’t really use it for casual conversation like my wife and kids do. Continue reading


A busy day at work ! I was making good progress on my scheduled items but then I had to take care of another high priority rush job which I just completed. I did get a short walk in the morning but no lunch time walk ’cause I worked thru lunch.

saturday evening….

I’m dog tired; I need to make a point to get more sleep. I actually didn’t stay up late last night; went to bed at 10:00. I guess I should have gone at 8:30 because I was up late a couple days this week and work was really grueling last week. For now I will surf the web and mess around with my blogs. I do need to goto bed though so I can make sure I goto church tomorrow.

it’s friday !

I’m chilling out in my office with the door closed. I finished the hyper huge load of hyper high priority stuff that appeared on my desk earlier this week and I am figurin’ to sneak out of here in a few minutes. I worked thru lunch and didn’t even snack on the office junk food, so I’m mighty hungry. I think tonite is a pizza nite !!!