tuesday evening…..

I was hyper busy at work today and likely to continue into next week. I made it a priority to go walking in the morning and again at lunch time and was fairly good about avoiding the office snacks. For our evening entertainment, Sweetous and I did yard work…

Old Dogs….

A co-worker sent me this story….

One day the old German Shepherd starts chasing rabbits and before long, discovers that he’s lost. Wandering about, he notices a leopard heading rapidly in his direction with the intention of having lunch. Continue reading

sunday afternoon…..

I’m tired ! After church I helped Sweetous build some shelves for the closet. I was going to work on a spreadsheet from work but I am way too tired for that now. I may try to fix my other computer which gets hung up trying to boot. I figure I’ll reformat and install a new OS.

Today was also a sobering day; my younger brother had a heart attack last night. He’s ok now, but in the ICU. Then in church the Pastor gave a sermon which was quite convicting. This being Lent I guess it is entirely appropriate to be reminded “Remember man, you are dust and to dust you shall return”

friday afternoon…..

I left work early to wait for a furniture delivery. I brought some work home though: a large depreciation/ACV spreadsheet. So I sitting at the kitchen table wrangling this behemoth spreadsheet on my netbook. This tiny computer actually seems to run faster than my desktop at work. LOL ! I use Excel 2003 at work, the netbook has Excel 2007, so I’m learning some new software too.

tuesday midday…..

I went walking at lunchtime; it is much colder than it was yesterday or Sunday ! Work is kind of dragging today, not that I’m not busy but its is sort of a doldrums day. While I eat at my desk I’m looking around the web. Being the cyber-junkie that I am I signed up for a new networking/discussion site: Dennis Reasinger | Culture11 and I was messing around with Twitter / dionysius too….

monday at work….

No drama at work today but still very busy. I think I really got into the weekend ’cause when I came to work this morning it felt like I had been gone a couple weeks. Anyway, there’s enough work in my pile to keep me busy all week and into the next; and that’s a good thing. I’m doing well with my fitness prgram too: a 30 minute walk before work and 45 minutes at lunch.

sunday evening….

I was out shopping today; bought some shorts, polos, and a jacket. I got a lot of walking around in and now I’m right tired. I guess I did my part to help the economy or at least the American retail workers and the Chinese sweatshop workers. It would be good if we started to make things right here in the USA again ! Not likely though.


Is Multitasking Wasting Our Time? | WHAKATE

It’s hard to resist the temptation when technology gives us the ability to multitask in increasingly appealing applications, but focusing on one thing at a time and limiting the amount of communication distractions might be best for raising our effectiveness at home and at our workplace.

I know I do better when I can concentrate on the task at hand rather than juggle various things “simultaneously” Actually I don’t think true multi-tasking is even possible; we are actually just doing rapid switching from task to task.

tuesday evening…..

After a moderately busy day at work, Sweetous and I went shopping. She wanted to get a bedding set and some curtains. We went to Bed-Bath-Beyond first but too expensive there. Next to Costco where we just did some general browsing; it would be real easy to spend a boatload of money in there but we restrained ourselves. Then we went to Ross where she found some bedding with curtains together and bought it.