… — a good article about being mindful. In the simplest terms this means doing one thing at a time and giving that one thing your complete undivided attention. Good a idea but easier said than done; especially in our hyper-frenetic culture…

I’m trying out this new service to ping all my stuff at once….

playing with the blackberry….

My new Blackberry has a rhapsody and vcast on it for downloading and playing music; but so far I have not been able to figure out how to make it work. Way too complicated for me !

So I tried something different. I have itunes on both of my computers, so I tried copying from my itunes folder to the phone connectde to the PC with a USB cord. It worked. Now I need to see if the BB will still play the songs I put on there if I cancel the vCast and Rhapsody from Verizon. Seems to me it should still work.

Another thing: I can connect my BB to my tiny computer via USB but my Lenovo with Windows 7 won’t let me do it. I wasn’t able to make BlueTooth work on either computer. I suppose someone who is a real geek could figure it all out. Perhaps I will eventually…..

This weekend was hellishly busy ! Piglet …

This weekend was hellishly busy ! Piglette and the baby came down for the weekend. On Friday we bought some new phones; today we are having second thoughts about some of them. Phone plans are way too complicated ! I don’t hardly remember Saturday; I know I went to BN and Best Buy looking around. Today we went to church and I got oil changes etc. for two of the cars. All in all, we did our part to keep the economy going and the credit card industry thriving…

wednesday evening…..

I met Sweetous and LB for dinner at the Diner after work. Then I went to Best Buy to look around;  I’ve been lusting after Macs and iPhones lately.  Buying a Mac at this time is out of the question but I was really leaning towards getting the iPhone;  I called Sweetous and asked what she thought and she talked me out of it.  For now anyway, LOL !  Later this evening I was working on my Google profile.

some misc eclectic linkage….

some links to items found on the web this morning……

64 Things Every Geek Should Know – – some useful and interesting knowledge here. LOL, no I don’t know all of these….

How to Reset RAM in a Computer – one of the 64 Things listed above; describes how to download and install a program to defragment RAM. My method to reset my RAM: turn the computer off and then reboot LOL !

Ghacks Technology News

Grocery Auction – Photo Essays – TIME – I’ll have to tell my Dad about this, they like to go to auctions of furniture and stuff, they might like this too…

found on the web this morning….

interesting items I found on the web this morning…..

GOOD – a magazine and website for progressives…
Issues | Libertarian Party – it’s always good to have some contrary ideas to keep it all in balance….
Lo-Fi Tribe – church blog, many insightful articles….
apocalypto – Google Search – I will get this video, looks to be fascinating….
All Songs Considered : NPR Music – excellent, listen to streamed music. I love NPR !

sunday morning ride….

I went bike riding with Sweetous this morning. I was reluctant to go but she was very motivated so I went. I’m glad I did ’cause this was an excellent ride ! We did the usual trail in the park but today I was really hauling ass ! We didn’t actually time it but I figured it was 50 minutes as opposed to the usual 60 minutes; and I was feeling great the whole time ! When we got back we cut part of the grass. Now, I will go look around in Best Buy and BN for a while…