Jesus Radicals

Jesus Radicals is a resources for exploring the connections between anarchism and Christianity, and its meaning for faith and politics.

My first thought is that anarchy is chaos which of course would be antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and His Church. In my mind anarchy and Nihilism are synonymous. I envision people indulging in an orgy of libertine debauchery.

On the other hand the transgressions and depredations of governments are also well known.

The truth of the matter is that if everyone conducted their lives according to the example and teaching of Jesus Christ; anarchy would be the practical result because government would largely be irrelevant and chaos and Nihilism would be impossible. But that is a very big if indeed…

sunday afternoon….

I just took it easy this morning; still have that wretched head cold ! I started a new delicious account and added some links and made some changes to my blog. I find that tumblr, delicious, and twitter mesh together very nicely….

my new delicious links:

Recap of the day….

After I took the junk to the dump I went to Borders to browse for a while. While there Sweetous called and wanted to go to Perkins to eat; so I met her in Frederick and we all had a manly breakfast for a late lunch. Now I’m back at the house tweaking my old laptop. I’ll probably go to bed early as I tired and still have a head cold.

I’m installing / uninstalling software on my laptop; will take a load of trash to the dump in a while…..

I’m at my desk working diligently……

It’s time for my morning walk…..

I’m going to go visit my parents with the Woman, Piglette, Mike, & the Baby…..

I’m at the baby’s house….

I’m going to Darcars to look into trading my bug for a new Toyota. If they give me a good deal, I’ll do it.

OK, enough with the mindless wondering around on the web; goto bed NOW !

I’m pissed off ’cause the lawn mower broke !!

I’m home now from our family trek to DC. I should go down there more often; it was a good day….