Jesus Radicals

Jesus Radicals is a resources for exploring the connections between anarchism and Christianity, and its meaning for faith and politics. My first thought is that anarchy is chaos which of course would be antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and His Church. In my mind anarchy and Nihilism are synonymous. I envision people indulging in … Continue reading Jesus Radicals

I'm installing / uninstalling software on my laptop; will take a load of trash to the dump in a while.....

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10 Golden Rules of Social Media (tags: blog web2.0 blogging web social internet tech business socialnetworking tips collaboration 2.0 howto blogs media lists advice marketing socialmedia twitter rules social-media social_media golden golden-rules regeln reglas)

I'm going to Darcars to look into trading my bug for a new Toyota. If they give me a good deal, I'll do it.