monday evening and weekend recap…..

Wow, quite a whirlwind weekend ! We had a good time visiting Pig,Mike, and baby Mike. I stayed up too late last night lurking about in the dark corners of cyberspace; I must go to bed tonite ’cause I work tomorrow. Speaking of work; I wonder if there will be a big stack of stuff that “has to be done right now” waiting for me ? Hope not, but if there is I shall strike hard and fast and kill it before has a chance to become a problem. Sweetous and I went to the dietitian together this after noon; we both need to redouble our efforts to loose weight. Me in particular ’cause I am pre-diabetic and I certainly don’t want to encourage anything like that !

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thursday night…..

Sneaking out of work early I made my way home where Sweetous was waiting; car packed and ready to go. We had an uneventful drive and now we are winding down for the night. Pig and Mike are doing a yard sale tomorrow and a wedding Saturday whilst Sweetous and I watch baby Mike. He's such a sweetie; getting bigger, growing hair, and crawling around all over the place…..

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thursday early afternoon…..

I went walking this morning before work and had breakfast at my desk. I checked my email to find a big spreadsheet that needed work on  the formatting etc. That was quite a job but I got it done now. Soon I shall abscond from here for our weekend road trip to visit the baby….

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a futile expedition…..

Piglette called me this morning to tell there were $2.00 tank-tops at Old Navy. She wanted me to buy some for her and Sweetous too. I drove to Rockville (the nearest Old Navy) and made my way into a store full of bargain obsessed Women and teens. To my chagrin there were only about 100 tank-tops left in the store and all of them were either black or brown. Most of those were the wrong size; I managed to find a couple and I bought them. Well hell !


This has been a hyper-hectic day at the office. Now; time to leave and goto Wal-Mart for some supplies and then perhaps Borders and Best Buy to look around…..

morning update….

In consideration of the thunderstorm I deferred implementation of the morning walk; opting instead to read a while before work. Now, it’s time to get started on my spreadsheet; hopefully can go walking later today….

friday evening….

The day went nothing like I had planned. I anticipated a fairly easy day at work but it turned out to be a very hectic day. I was not able to finish what I had planned to finish because I got a couple large “urgent” tasks to do right away. I did get a walk in this morning though. Now I’m home with the dogs; the Woman and LB went to visit the Baby this weekend…