Sears has earned top place on my SHIT LIST ! I bought a lawnmower from them early this spring and got an extended warranty with it. It broke earlier this week and I took it to Sears to be fixed. They called today and said I had to pay $170.00 to get it fixed; said … Continue reading

Today was a good day. I went waling in early morning darkness with a light rain and walked again at lunch time. After work we went for an hour long bike ride along Seneca Lake.  I was productive at work today; making good progress on a large spreadsheet that I had been working on since … Continue reading

I been busy as hell all morning at work; a particularly long difficult spreadsheet data entry which "they" may decide to abort after I was on it hard and heavy for the past two days ! Oh well. Even though I'm swamped at work I did go walking this morning and also again at lunch … Continue reading

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space race….

Twitter / CBS News: CBSNews Poll: 51 percent o ... Twitter / CBS News: 71 percent of Americans be ... I'm all for the advancement of technology and increasing human knowledge but I think our efforts and resources could be better used right here on Earth.  I really don't see any pressing necessity to spend … Continue reading space race….

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The Simple Dollar » To Close or To Not Close a Paid-Off Credit Card? there are pros and cons to keeping or closing the account depending on one's near term financial plans..... (tags: money credit article articles blog) Fuck Yeah Philosophy! (tags: philosophy tumblr blog ideas) Simple English Wikipedia - Simple English Wikipedia, the free … Continue reading links for 2009-07-19

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Eighteen Streaming Music Resources (tags: reference resources internet media online audio lists mp3 music radio list streaming) 7 Sites To Get Free Music (Legally!) (tags: reference resources apps audio free lists mp3 music downloads download list songs freemusic) About Simply Recipes | Simply Recipes personal webite of family recipes by Elise Bauer..... (tags: food recipes) … Continue reading links for 2009-07-15

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Google Chrome Blog: Google Chrome OS - FAQ (tags: blog google chrome tech os opensource computeristics) What Google Chrome OS Means for Computing | Zen Habits (tags: technology google software chrome zenhabits os computeristics) Tired Of Spilling Beer While You Drive - hilarious billboard ad for beer..... (tags: funny humor) Google Apps shed beta label … Continue reading links for 2009-07-10

friday !

The week has been busy as hell but also went by rather fast. This morning I thought it was Thursday, but when I went to take my pills I saw that the Thursday pills were gone ! I wondered if I had taken them twice on Wednesday but then checked my Blackberry and saw it … Continue reading friday !