Sears has earned top place on my SHIT LIST ! I bought a lawnmower from them early this spring and got an extended warranty with it. It broke earlier this week and I took it to Sears to be fixed. They called today and said I had to pay $170.00 to get it fixed; said it had a bent crankshaft. I really don’t care what it had; I paid for a warranty so I expect free or nearly free repairs or a free replacement. I told Sears they could keep the lawnmower. So now I gotta get a new one; damn sure won’t be from Sears and to hell with buying an extended warranty….

Today was a good day. I went waling in early morning darkness with a light rain and walked again at lunch time. After work we went for an hour long bike ride along Seneca Lake.  I was productive at work today; making good progress on a large spreadsheet that I had been working on since last week. Before today I had been transcribing it from a printed copy ! Well today someone found the disk with the necessary files on it; so now I am cutting and pasting and changing the formats from the digital files. I started from scratch today and got more done than I had previously from last week and this week ! Well Hell !

I been busy as hell all morning at work; a particularly long difficult spreadsheet data entry which “they” may decide to abort after I was on it hard and heavy for the past two days ! Oh well. Even though I’m swamped at work I did go walking this morning and also again at lunch time. While having a sub at my desk I started reading: Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives by Dan Millman | LibraryThing

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space race….

I’m all for the advancement of technology and increasing human knowledge but I think our efforts and resources could be better used right here on Earth.  I really don’t see any pressing necessity to spend enormous amounts of money to send a few people to Mars.

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tuesday evening…..

It was a right hectic day at work and I suspect more of the same over the next week or so. Tomorrow I’ll try to remember to put in for a day of leave next Friday so we can have a long weekend for a road trip. I would like to visit my parents; been a while since I was up there.

After work Sweetous wanted me to cut grass. I started to but then the lawn mower was giving me grief. She went out and fixed it and then I finished the front yard. Sweetous seems to have knack for making lawnmowers behave better; I just swear at them.

After the grass I messed with my new netbook. I installed drivers for the printer and now I am bookmarking and customizing firefox. Pretty soon I should go to bed…

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friday !

The week has been busy as hell but also went by rather fast. This morning I thought it was Thursday, but when I went to take my pills I saw that the Thursday pills were gone ! I wondered if I had taken them twice on Wednesday but then checked my Blackberry and saw it really was Friday !!! Yes !!!