Last day of leave today. I am at home working on a spreadsheet. I’ll probably finish that and then relx the remainder of the day. Likely go lurk and prowl somewhere….

What surprises me is the amount of time those discussions get in the US – this ideology, like most, is an extreme simplification that couldnt work alone for 5 days. Its good to have a bit of everything ! How people fail to see that and sometimes spend their life cherishing their abstraction of choice is beyond me.

This quote is from the comments section for a blog post arguing for Libertarianism. I think this comment get it exactly right. Just about all systems of thought or politics make a great deal of sense when taken alone as an abstraction. They all tend to break down when applied to realtiy. The “solution” is to think of the ideologies as a tool box and use ideas that work in the real world; I calll it “eclecticism”.

Yikes, another grueling day at the offic …

Yikes, another grueling day at the office ! I worked from 5:30 to 5:30 ! I am pleased though that I accomplished what I had set for today’s goal. No walk today though; a combination of excessive business at work and a persistent virus lurking in the background. Maybe tomorrow I will walk. So now, after all day on the computer at work I am on the computer at home. Well hell ! Too late to go outside and play and too tired to read. Maybe tomorrow…..

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I bought a “new” lawn mower on the side of the road this afternoon. I just finished cutting the front yard. I am impressed with the machine; very powerful, started right up, and didn’t stall once. Damn thing works better than the new ones I usually get. Gawd, I can feel the heat coming out of my body….

The week has been a whirlwind; finished up some jobs and just when I thought things would slow down, we got a bunch of new claims to do. So I brought some work home. I copied and lengthy list from a pdf to a spreadsheet and now lots of line by line cutting and pasting to get it all into the proper format. Enough for now thoug ! It is time to go lurk and prowl….

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