Last day of leave today. I am at home working on a spreadsheet. I'll probably finish that and then relx the remainder of the day. Likely go lurk and prowl somewhere....

What surprises me is the amount of time those discussions get in the US – this ideology, like most, is an extreme simplification that couldnt work alone for 5 days. Its good to have a bit of everything ! How people fail to see that and sometimes spend their life cherishing their abstraction of choice … Continue reading

Another grueling day at the office yeste …

Another grueling day at the office yesterday ! I had the good sense to goto bed early, thanks to Sweetous who coaxed me into doing so. Kudos for Sweetous ! So now I'm having some coffee and a quick look at the web; then Sweetous wants to haul some trash to the dump....

some pics from an evening at home...... Picasa Web Albums - friday evening august 8-14- 2009 - friday evening august 8-14- 2009

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I bought a "new" lawn mower on the side of the road this afternoon. I just finished cutting the front yard. I am impressed with the machine; very powerful, started right up, and didn't stall once. Damn thing works better than the new ones I usually get. Gawd, I can feel the heat coming out … Continue reading

The week has been a whirlwind; finished up some jobs and just when I thought things would slow down, we got a bunch of new claims to do. So I brought some work home. I copied and lengthy list from a pdf to a spreadsheet and now lots of line by line cutting and pasting … Continue reading

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DailyLit: Read books online by daily email and RSS feed (tags: blog reference web2.0 culture web internet books education literature english interesting reading ebooks learning library useful daily) Adventures of a Barefoot Geek by David Turnbull (tags: blog geek technology lifehacks) Cheeky Fresh (tags: blog blogs web2.0 technology socialmedia social socialnetworking politics government2.0 government neuroscience … Continue reading links for 2009-08-07

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