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facebook vs myspace…..

Facebook, MySpace Divide Along Social Lines : NPR –  I have both but I do much prefer facebook over mySpace. There is way too much sleaze on mySpace and cluttered pages. I would prefer Twiiter over them both but no one I know uses Twitter; most are facebook. Management at my office recently blocked facebook, which was annoying from my standpoint; the odd thing is though they didn’t block myspace ’cause I checked earlier today. Go figure….

facebook parodies – Google Search

don’t go naked at home !

Here is another example of extreme stupidty by a government official: Coffee-making naked guy rebuffed by exposure charge –

The Fairfax County VA Police  should be held up for public ridicule for this one. Hopefully the prosecutor will have some good sense to dismiss the charges.  The officer should be fired ! If anyone should be arrested it would be the woman who was cutting through the guy’s yard ! Just outrageous !

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print vs digital….

Does the Brain Like E-Books? – Room for Debate Blog –  – each medium has advantages and disadvantages; an example being that hypertext allow one to quickly access supplmental information while also increasing distractions. I find that the web is really good for finding and scanning a wide array of articles, books etc. But generally if I want to read something thoroughly I prefer to print it and then read it.

I recently installed the BN eReader on my netbook. I like it, one advantage is that the books don’t take up “actual” space. Reading from a computer seems to be harder than reading a printed text or book; perhaps that will change with more practice. I doubt that books and printed text will ever be entirely replaced with digital media; but it will be interesting to see how kids growing up with digital media feel about print vs digital as opposed to old guys like me….

uncluttering and saving money….

Some of the subjects I follow on the web are: minimalism, simplicty, uncluttering and frugality. For the most part I browse through articles and some I read more thoroughly. Putting the ideas into practice is often another matter though ’cause I do have clutter and I really dislike paying a lot of attention to spending and budgeting. I prefer to be able to spend what I want without thinking about it, but that is getting harder to do lately.

So yesterday I did take some concrete action to do better in those areas.  In my email I noticed subscription for a blogging host was coming due the end of the month which would cost $80.00 for the upcoming year. Since I had not been using this service much, I decided to cancel it right there on the spot rather than putting it off ’til some unspecified time.

Then I looked around to see if there wre other accounts like that; I noted a file storage site which I was paying $2.00 a month for extra storage space which I was not using. I cancled the extra storage and now just have the 2 GB of free space there.

So, I’ll give myself an “attaboy” ’cause I just saved  $100.00 over the coming year. Every little bit helps. So perhaps today I will pack up a couple old computers that are taking up space in my “lair” and give them to my son-in-law to take up space in his house. LOL !

web junkies….

The Daily Gamecock – Facebook Addiction Serious Problem  – facebook and the internet in general can very easily monopolize one’s attention as well as be very time consuming. I know that I sometimes spend way too much surfing the web and bookmarking articles. I bookmark way more items than I could possibly read. I’m not sure what it is but there is something very engaging about being online….


It was cold and rainy day….

Yeah it certainly was, and still is.  Also, a right busy day at work;  I constructed a 250 page spreadsheet via cutting and pasting and then got it all formatted so it was real pretty. So now some web surfing to wind down the day…..

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