My Gateway netbook that I bought at B…

My Gateway netbook that I bought at Best Buy stopped working a couple weeks ago. I bought it at Best Buy in July along with a service plan from Geek Squad. When it stopped working I turned it in to Geek Squad for repair. The geeks told me that it has a defective hard drive and they would have to send it out for a new hard drive to be installed. Continue reading

sunday evening….

It’s been a busy weekend.  Sweetous went to PA to visit Piglette, Mike, and Mikie. I stayed home with the dogs. We were anticipating a delivery of a new washer and dryer from Sears; but dues to an error on their part we must wait another week !  I did lay down new floor tile in the laundry room though; and took the wash to the landramat.

My netbook is deranged; gotta see if the IT guy can fix it. Right now it’s unusable because everything is delayed action slow motion !

Here are some pics taken taken this weekend: Damascus and State College.