friday morning….

Yesterday was a busy busy day and likely another one today. I’m looking forward to the weekend. Nothing really planned but will be nice to take it easy; perhaps go lurk and prowl somewhere. Last night Sweetous and I went to the Aquarium in Baltimore and walked around after her meeting was over. That was fun but today I pay ’cause I be a tired little dog….

monday evening….

I was busy as hell at work today; got a lot done and hope to kill some more tasks tomorrow. After work Sweetous and I went to see Daisy and baby Aiden in the hospital; he is a little sluggish but seems to be OK. So we left the hospital and drove around in circles in DC ’cause the GPS was lagging. It seems to work well on the open road when you have few turns but in the inner city where one must do many turns it seems to lag behind and we drove past several turns ! Oh well, we’re back home now…

Rational thinking ?????

I started reading the book “Descarte’s Bones” which traces the history of Faith vs Reason along with the odd story of his remains. Descartes  considered the founder of modern rational thought. So anyway, I scanned through the Wikipedia article for Descartes  and found this paragraph:

Finally, although Descartes realized that both humans and animals have pineal glands (see Passions of the Soul Part One, Section 50, AT 369), he believed that only humans have minds. This led him to the belief that animals cannot feel pain, and Descartes’ practice of vivisection (the dissection of live animals) became widely used throughout Europe until the Enlightenment.

Good grief ! He may have been a rational man and a great philosopher but he sure was’nt thinking rationally in there ! It’s painfully obvious that animals feel pain ! The idea that they don’t is just plain foolish !

an update….

I started the morning with a half hour walk in the very brisk cold air; then was quite busy all day.

I had brought my LapTop to work for the IT guy to fix; but Office Manager took note of this and informed me that the IT guy was not there to work on my personal computers; the IT guy told me he would take it home and fix it. So I guess my LapTop will no longer be available for after hours work.

After work I got the Woman’s car inspected and now I’m taking it easy at home.