cautiously optimistic…..

I generally tend to be somewhat pessimistic but tonight I am cautiously optimistic. The key word is cautiously. I was working on paying bills and keeping track of my money. Anyway, I have everything paid up to date and a small surplus.  I have also avoided using any credit cards since February in spite of some fairly hefty surprise hits from the IRS and the State.  The government thinks I am loaded with money LOL ! I hope we can keep up this upward trend; I’m cautiously optimistic…

it’s friday !

Yes, and I am glad ! This past week; another hyper busy week at work.  In a bad economy this is hersey; but I wish things would slow down some. But of course hyper busy trumps unemployment every time (unless you’re rich). Actually even the rich need to have a job. Aside from earning a living the other major function of employment is to provide people with some sort of structure in their lives. If we don’t have that, things go to hell in a hurry.

I’m home alone with the dogs this weekend ’cause the Woman went to visit the Daughter and grandson this weekend. I told her to give me some advance warning next time so I could sneak out of work early and go with her….