Atheists Top the Religious in Religious Knowledge (via Prometheus Unbound)

I especially like the comment “and they vote”….

A recent Pew Survey on religious knowledge has found that atheists do better on a battery of religious knowledge questions than Jews, Christians, Mormons—indeed, anybody else. Out of 32 questions, atheists, on average, managed to answer about 21 of the questions correctly. Everybody else lagged behind them. The white Evangelical Protestants surveyed—who supposedly are especially concerned with religious matters—answered, on average, 17.6 of … Read More

via Prometheus Unbound

Our public officials won’t tell you the …

Our public officials won’t tell you the truth, but I will. If we still have high unemployment and rising foreclosures: the recession is NOT over ! If soldiers and civilians (both American and Iraqi) continue to be killed by insurgents: the war is NOT over ! If Afghanistan is still infested with Taliban and Al Qaida and is ruled by assorted dirtbags and dickheads: we are not winning ! Don’t kid yourself. The truth will make you free but first it will piss you off….

an update….

Busy day ! I helped Mike move some furniture and reconfigure his cellar. Later I went walking for forty minutes. So now I’m right tired ! Tomorrow we celebrate young Mike’s birthday: two year old now !