Bishop Hansons…

Bishop Hansons….

This thread on the ELCA Facebook page is certainly a hot topic.  I’m conflicted about this particular issue but I can say for sure that bullying is never OK….

As far as anyone’s sexuality goes I have a variation of the “don’t ask don’t tell”  policy that has stirred up so much controversy in the Army. My personal policy goes like this: I’m not gonna ask and don’t you tell me.

I figure if I need to know, it will come out at the appropriate time, otherwise I won’t be any the wiser…

friday recap….

This was one of my busiest days on record ! I’m happy though ’cause I finished the task I set out to complete; transcribed a large stack of illegible hand written lists to an excel spreadsheet.  So now I’ll do some web surfing and likely drift off to sleep….

good old days….

Some pictures that in todays context look profoundly ridiculous, scandalous or both….

Check out these ads from days gone by (and never to be repeated). Today, ads like these are offensive, irrational, chauvinistic, unbelievable. What will today’s ads look like in a few years? Today’s relevance is tomorrow’s irrelevance. To lock ourselves into the spirit of the age is to become a humorous relic of the past. What is eternal is relevant. What is not eternal is eternally irrelevant! … Read More

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