update and recap….

Was out walking for my lunch hour; placed my hand in coat pocket detecting the presence of a five dollar bill heretofore unknown to everyone but God... Today's my first day back at work since Wednesday last week. The office has been fairly calm but I do have quite a pile of new work on … Continue reading update and recap….

Yikes !

Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down : Dead Serious News - This is really weird ! Not sure if it is BS or not but it is funny as hell in a perverse sort of way. But if it is true it's also outrageous !


On Video Game Addiction | The Blackbird Press - I don't do video games but I would tend to agree based on my own ongoing experiences in the black hole of cyberspace surfing the web and lurking in chat room.... BBC NEWS | Technology | S Korean dies after games session BBC NEWS | Technology … Continue reading beware….

Anti-social media? (via Newspaper to New Media)

Could you communicate only through Twitter, Facebook and video chatting with your friends and loved ones for 30 days? One Portland, Ore., woman is in the process of finding out. Cristin Norine has embarked on a 30-day Public Isolation Project to learn how technology walls people off even while connecting them. Norine, who is living … Continue reading Anti-social media? (via Newspaper to New Media)

my faith according to the beliefnet.com quiz with lots of links….

What Orthodox Quakers Believe- Beliefnet.com I took the quiz today and this was my top faith according to the quiz. I'm not a Quaker but I can see how I got the score as I do have many points of agreement with Quakers.  I grew up as  Lutheran and lately have been attending Eucharist at … Continue reading my faith according to the beliefnet.com quiz with lots of links….


I really should have went to bed early last night instead of diving into cyberspace 'til 2:00 AM ! I shall have to see what I can do to salvage the day.....


Supposedly you can reproduce tweets on a WP blog by entering the tweet URL as your post. I find it works sometimes and other times not so well. I wonder what I'm doing wrong ???