Carbon footprint….

Calculate My Carbon Footprint ?  No. I agree that conservation, recycling etc are good things and I do try. But the "carbon footprint" thing makes no sense to me ! Carbon is one of the most common elements there is; practically ubiquitous. Nothing I do is going to increase or decrease the supply of carbon in … Continue reading Carbon footprint….

a modification and retweet….

@Khadijah Bergsma: Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. I would modify this to: Keep your face to the sunshine but be mindful of the shadow (shadows, Shadow) lest that which lurks there creeps up bites you right on the ass....

Give up meat !

Absolutely not ! The reason being that I really like eating meat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good too but nothing beats meat ! I will agree however that we eat too much meat; it would be better for our health and the environment to cut back on the meat....

Facebook Bullies Charged

Facebook Bullies Charged After Victim Ally Pfeiffer Tracks Them Down Online | Clear thinking and excellent detective work ! This girl is to be highly commended for her clear thinking and courage to face up to cyber bullies. Hopefully the perpetrators will learn from this and change their ways....

My favorite charity….

My favorite is the Salvation Army. I like them because they are a Christian group that works directly with the people who need help. Whenever I see the bell ringers collecting money at stores, I always get some money out for them