Better day tomorrow, I hope….

I had scheduled today as a day of leave from work while back.  I was going to do some transcriptions at home but I didn’t get around to it. The house needs cleaned and I gotta pay bills. But right now I just feel like HELL from this nasty persistent head cold.

Tomorrow is another day; hope it’s better than today was….

Carbon footprint….

Calculate My Carbon Footprint ?  No. I agree that conservation, recycling etc are good things and I do try. But the “carbon footprint” thing makes no sense to me ! Carbon is one of the most common elements there is; practically ubiquitous. Nothing I do is going to increase or decrease the supply of carbon in the world; that is way above any human being’s pay grade !

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My Idea of a Perfect Sunday

That would be church early morning or Saturday evening followed a by a massive manly breakfast; bacon, eggs, etc. bring it on ! After  breakfast loiter in the mall a while and then to Barnes and Noble for the remaining hours of the afternoon….

Typically I don’t have the massive manly breakfast and I often have chores that must be completed; most often finish the laundry…

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a very hectic Christmas….

We left Damascus on Friday 12/24 about 15:00 and arrived at daughter’s house ’bout 19:00. Didn’t go to church ’cause both grand babies were sick. So Christmas morning up around 07:00 and Mike (2 year old) opened some gifts but he really wasn’t paying attention, just having a good time.  We all left for my Parents’ place around 11:00 for an hour drive to DuBois where we had an excellent Christmas dinner thanks to my sister in law Alison.  Fearing the pending blizzard I left with my older daughter about 18:30 for the return trip to Damascus whilst Sweetous stayed with Dawnie in State College. Arrived home in Damascus about 21:00 on Christmas night; exhausted….

And along with the daunting itinerary I still have the Head Cold from Hell; an ongoing phenomenon since mid December…

Capitalism at it’s finest….

Bankster robberies: Bank of America and friends wrongfully foreclose on customers, steal all their belongings – Boing Boing | BOA should have all it’s corporate charters revoked and their assets seized. And the individuals responsible should should have loose their assets too and spend time in a real hell hole boot camp; that includes the CEO and Board of Directors….

My Holiday Travel Plans

We will visit my daughters and her family in PA for the Christmas weekend; can’t wait to see baby Leah again, and toddler Mike too of course ! We will also visit my Parents for Christmas dinner; prepared by Alison my sister in law. Alison is an outstanding preparer of food ! Will likely see my brother Kevin too and his kids.

I don’t know any of the scheduling detail ’cause I leave that to the Women; too complicated for me LOL !

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War is such a waste…. Article about an American soldier doing consecutive life terms in prison for killing an entire Iraqi family after raping the daughters.  Such a waste 4 people killed, 1 in prison for life. All of  these people had friends and loved ones; their lives are profoundly altered. I’m sure the consequences don’t stop there either. Lord have mercy…

Give up meat !

Absolutely not ! The reason being that I really like eating meat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good too but nothing beats meat ! I will agree however that we eat too much meat; it would be better for our health and the environment to cut back on the meat….

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Why I’m Going Digital

Absolutely ! I don’t have one yet but I certainly do plan to get one. Right now I have apps for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo on my netbook. I like having all those books readily available. I plan to get a Nook Color and a Kindle in the near future. I think the ereader will be easier to hold and carry around than the netbook. Oh, almost forgot, I tried Google’s ebook reader on the web last night too….

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update: saturday evening…..

I’m right good and tired. I stayed up too late last night but what really got me was shopping this afternoon and evening. I went to BN to loiter for a while but wife and daughter found me.  Sweetous decided I needed some new dress shirts and dress pants and of course there was a big sale at Kohl’s. So off to Kohl’s with my Woman.

I got some nice clothes but of course that was not helpful to my financial situation. Sweetous wants me to stop wearing hoodies all the time.  I like nice clothes but there are drawbacks: they cost money and they usually need to be ironed or sent to the cleaners. Sweetous says she will iron for me.

I had lost some weight about two years ago but have recently been a slacker regarding exercise and eating. I was really disappointed when I tried on a very nice leather sports jacket; I couldn’t find one that I could get buttoned ! I need to get back on my fitness program; not only so I can get nice clothes but to avoid having a stroke !

My favorite charity….

My favorite is the Salvation Army. I like them because they are a Christian group that works directly with the people who need help. Whenever I see the bell ringers collecting money at stores, I always get some money out for them

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