the talkative toddler…..

I’m watching my toddler grandson; we’re at the kitchen table ostensibly for breakfast. Mike is looking at his food and talking, talking and more talking. But, I can’t quite figure out what he is saying; just bits and pieces.

So, about 20 minutes have gone by and he suddenly starts devouring his food. I shall continue with my coffee whilst observing the toddler….

Super Scholar – The best ideas in the world

Super Scholar – The best ideas in the world. is a website dedicated to “the best ideas in the world” – our goal being to foster an appreciation of the full range of human excellence – the intellectual, the athletic, the creative. We aim to help students excel in their studies, in sports, in pursuing a career, and ultimately in finding success and happiness. We believe that students excel when their expectations and aspirations are raised, and that this is best accomplished by exposing them to the exciting individuals and ideas that populate the academic world.


Drove to Bedford and back to retrieve my grandson; he’s going to stay here a few days. Anyway, had both toddler grandsons at the house this afternoon. and now I’m right tired…..

Saturday morning….

Spent lots of money last night and this morning: new tires for the Element, large load of groceries at Wal-Mart, and just finished paying bills. Wish I could hang on to my money longer. Oh well, at least I got all that taken care of….

My first job: U.S. Army

I did have a couple of part time jobs when I was in high school; also mowed lawns and caddied some when I was a kid. My first real job was the Army. I enlisted right out of high school and stayed for twenty years. I was stationed in Germany twice and Korea once. I met my wife, also a soldier, on my second tour in Germany. We got married in Denmark and are living happily ever after….

Sunday morning….

I was all ready to go to Church this morning and the car wouldn’t start ! I think we might need to replace the Rav4 ’cause it has been having problems lately; specifically does not want to start in wet weather ! It’s old as dirt so probably need to replace it but I’m not really prepared for that ! Dang it !

On a positive note; since I wasn’t able to get to church I worked on some work I had brought home from work and took a big bite out of my backlog !