What was Pilate thinking ?

Goblinbooks: "Crucifixion: Key To Counterinsurgency" By Pontius Pilate. | Christians believe that Christ died for our Salvation; but what was Pilate thinking ? Read this short essay to find  out; some interesting parallels to current events.....

Chipped Ham

Chipped chopped ham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Yum ! A delicacy common in western Pennsylvania.....

Aardvark Alley

Aardvark Alley | Confessional Lutheran theology, hagiography, philosophy, music, culture, sports, education, and whatever else is on the fevered mind of Orycteropus Afer.

An huge unnecessary expense….

U.S. Couples Spent Average of $27,000 on Weddings in 2011 abcn.ws/GU6dlZ — ABC News (@ABC) March 23, 2012 They would do better if they used the money as down payment on a house or to pay down debt....

Look at this…..

Something interesting found in my twitter feed..... #photography Dr. Seuss Alphabet ow.ly/1ieyKp — Ruhani Rabin (@ruhanirabin) March 22, 2012

Don’t tweet it, do it !

Social Networking For People Who Hate Small Talk - Psychology Today | Don't tweet it, do it ! If you're tweeting what you're doing, you're not giving the task at hand your full attention like you should.....

Internet of things…..

Closer to One: Buddhism and The Internet of Things | Bonnier AB. In a very near future there will be an invisible web linking together human beings, physical objects and their virtual representations in an information network.

A terrible truth….

When the Good Do Bad - NYTimes.com | This article points out a very unsettling truth. We need to be always vigilant against evil; and it's not out there somewhere it is right here right now lurking inside you and me and everyone else... oremus Bible Browser : Matt 7:1-5 | Jesus talks about being mindful … Continue reading A terrible truth….

Nobel Peace Prize ????

Nobel peace prize winner defends law criminalising homosexuality in Liberia | World news | guardian.co.uk | I think the people who award the prize need to be more selective.....

an update…..

Hectic day at work but I did get a lot done and I went walking at lunchtime for about 30 minutes. This evening I started reading a couple of books on my Kindle..... Amazon Kindle: Loki and Amazon Kindle: The Sutras of Abu Ghraib: Notes from a Conscientious Objector in Iraq I started reading a couple other … Continue reading an update…..

More technology more work….

When Office Technology Overwhelms, Get Organized - NYTimes.com.  In fact, even as workplace technology and processes steadily improve, many professionals feel less productive than ever. It may seem a paradox, but these very tools are undermining our ability to get work done. They are causing us to become paralyzed by the dizzying number of options that … Continue reading More technology more work….


The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become. ~ Mark Twain — Zen Moments (@Zen_Moments) March 15, 2012 There's a lot of truth to that statement as any parent can attest..... This is one of my favorite twitter feeds; I see they have a good website too: zenmoments.org

Here’s some trivia….

Sawzall is a brand name for reciprocating saws by Milwaukee; but did you know it is also a computer programming language ? I didn't until today when I looked up info about the saws; I googled "sawzall" and got links for both the saws and the computer language. Pretty cool, learn something new nearly everyday … Continue reading Here’s some trivia….