Wisdom and Sin

Experimental Theology: Wisdom and Sin As noted above, students aren't disinterested interlocutors. And very often they are acting in "bad faith," to use Satre's term. That is, they are running from their freedom and responsibilities. They are shopping for an endorsement from an authority figure when they need to start taking responsibility for the hard … Continue reading Wisdom and Sin

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Found a couple of interesting religion / religious studies sites..... Amazon.com: Essential Mindfulness Plain English Reading List - The list author says: "Not an exhaustive list of mindfulness plain english books, but some of my favorites" Quaker Electronic Archive - Founded in early 1994 as the first general-purpose Quaker site on the Internet, this site contains Quaker writings as … Continue reading Some links….

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Fnished The Sutras of Abu Ghraib by Aidan Delgado and gave it 5 stars amzn.to/H9r8SO #Kindle — Dennis Reasinger (@dionysius) April 1, 2012 Awesome book! Profoundly moving memoir of a Buddhist soldier coming to terms with the war and his deep aversion to war. Also captures perfectly the bleakness of life in a war zone…