An update…

Worked from home today and got a lot done. I also worked out 20 minutes on my elliptical trainer in the afternoon and walked 35 minutes in the evening. All in all it was a good day…..

Reading update….

Finished The Outlaw Album: Stories by Daniel Woodrell #Kindle — Dennis Reasinger (@dionysius) May 11, 2012

Don’t procrastinate…..

Nothing Is More Exhausting Than the Task That is Never Started.: Further Secrets of Adulthood: — Gretchen Rubin (@gretchenrubin) May 6, 2012

Reading update…..

Reading update: finished Breath of Life: God as Spirit in Judaism by Rabbi Rachel Timoner and gave it 5 stars #Kindle — Dennis Reasinger (@dionysius) May 5, 2012