Rainy day….

I love a rainy day. Sitting on the porch or wandering the backyard watching a storm come in is a favorite activity for me. Better still is an early morning walk, still dark and a light rain is falling….

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My favorite Olympic sport…..

Favorite Olympic sport LOL ! That’s an easy one. My favorite Olympic sport to watch would be Women’s Figure Skating. I won’t try to hide it; I’m not really a sports fan but I do like to ogle nice looking ladies prancing around in skimpy outfits….

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Colonoscopy | Just finished mine. It’s sort of a pain in the ass but it helps early detection of colon cancer which will let you live longer.  The prep the day before is seriously unpleasant though and I feel like I have a hangover from the anesthesia….

A Zen approach to information overload…

A Zen approach to information overload…..

It may not be very popular to admit, but I think if we are honest most of not only love our increasingly connected life, we also hate it. We do not hate our unprecedented access to information online or the countless ways we can connect with friends, family, and colleagues; instead, we hate that we are not better able to balance the avalanche of information in our lives; we hate the feeling of continuous overwhelm; of always being behind; and of the seemingly endless communication, from emails to private messages, that need replies.

Some thoughts about the internet…..

Is the internet making us crazy ? | We have grown to depend on the internet. I cannot imagine not having access to the web; I use it everyday, almost all day.  I have learned a lot from surfing the web, it is a great tool for shopping and banking…..

But the net has a dark side. Aside from obvious stuff like porn or scams, it seems the web is rewiring our minds in ways that are usually not good for us…..

I don’t think we should or even can go back to the pre-internet days but we do need to learn to use it in ways that minimize harmful effects. We can be part of the web but we ought not to allow it to devour our brains….

A couple of NOOK books….

Finished two Nook books this weekend…..

BARNES & NOBLE | The Girl with the Dove Tattoo by Brian D. McLaren, Creative Trust Digital | NOOK Book (eBook) | Short fiction illustrating how followers of various religions distort the teachings of their founders from good to evil….

BARNES & NOBLE | The Hands of the Buddha by Susan Brassfield Cogan, Susan Cogan, via Smashwords | NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback | Easy to read short collection of Buddha’s sayings…..

Powered by Prisoners……

Brazilian prison incentivizes prisoners to provide pedal-powered energy | Prisoners volunteer to ride stationary bikes to power generators that charge batteries…..

Excellent idea ! They get good exercise which benefits their physical and mental health while performing a useful task.

The dark side: greedy capitalists devise plans to incarcerate massive numbers of people for slave labor….