Protect our Defenders…..

Protect Our Defenders | We honor, support and give voice to the brave women and men in uniform who have been raped or sexually assaulted by fellow service members. We seek to fix the military training, investigation and adjudication systems related to sexual violence and harassment — systems that often re-victimize assault survivors by blaming them while … Continue reading Protect our Defenders…..

On Being…..

On Being with Krista Tippett | Relgion and spirituality program on public radio: podcast and tumblr blog....

A Witch Wiki….

Interesting find.... The Witchipedia is a collaborative open-source informational website dedicated to providing information to new Pagan, Heathen and magical seekers and serving as a reference for more experienced individuals.

Google Glass….

Google Glass the pros and cons....... I'm sure this has its uses but I think I would become disoriented wearing something like that.  I would be willing to give it a try though.....