We visited Dad this weekend and I scanned a bunch of old pics I found at his house (click the date to see the pics !)

80's ladys Aiden 2015 Brian school pic Chuck school pic Daisy circa late 80's Daisy lumber jack shirt Daisy on train in Germany Daisy, Daen, Ginger, Spike Daisy, Dawn early 80's Daisy, Uncle Kevin, Grandpa circa 1980's Dawn circa late 80's Dinner out in Germany circa 1987 Doreen and Ma Doreen, kids, dogs Kaiserslautern circa 1987 Doreen, Ma, Daisy circa 1984 grandma Alice and her sister circa 1970's Hummel factory Kids with candy circa late 80's Ma and Dad early 1980's Ma in Germany me 1972 me and Family in Germany circa 1987 me at Fort Dix 1972 me baby pic circa 1954 me baby pic me circa 1960 me circa late 60's me Doreen, Daidy circa 1984 me in Korea barracks circa 1974 me in uniform circa 1980 me on phone circa 1960 me, Doreen and kids circa late 80's my baby shoes my Dad baby pic my Dad center circa 1970's my Dad my Ma in Germany my Ma very about 18 my parents and borthers circa late 1960's my parents my paternal Grandpa my Uncle Earl circa 1960's Passion Play in Germany Pig and puppy circa 1987