The Journey of the Universe….

The Journey of the Universe film, book, and Conversations are part of an expansive, multidisciplinary project that can be used by educators and others to develop a sense of embeddedness and identity within the unfolding universe.....

Understanding Mormonism

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Mormonism by Drew Williams So far this book only rates two stars. When comparing Mormon ideas with mainstream Christian ideas the Author is is greatly oversimplifying the Christian ideas. I don't know a lot about Mormonism but I suspect he is over simplifying their ideas as well. I also … Continue reading Understanding Mormonism

The story of stuff….

It seems to me sometimes that we don't own our stuff, rather our stuff owns us.... We accumulate so much stuff, it gets in the way and sometimes causes arguments. We hold on to stuff for sentimental value but it is stuffed away hidden in a cardboard box in a dark rarely entered room....

Religion: Understanding Islam | TED Studies | Read |

Series of talks and essays about religion on TED.... TED Studies are curated video collections for students, educators and self-guided learners. In Understanding Islam, TED speakers talk about the faith practiced by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide and often misunderstood. Source: Religion: Understanding Islam | TED Studies | Read |