The story of stuff….

It seems to me sometimes that we don't own our stuff, rather our stuff owns us.... We accumulate so much stuff, it gets in the way and sometimes causes arguments. We hold on to stuff for sentimental value but it is stuffed away hidden in a cardboard box in a dark rarely entered room....

So this weekend I have a full house ! In ….

So this weekend I have a full house ! In addition to the usual me, wife, older daughter, son in law, and grandson we now have the mother-in-law taking up residence and the younger daughter and two more grandchildren visiting. And let's not forget the three dogs, two cats, and the monster in the cellar....

My wasted day Saturday…..

This morning I stayed focused for a couple hours and finished a transcription. Then I let down my guard and spent most of the day sleazing around IRC. I need to do better....

Taking Up Serpents

Taking Up Serpents I'm visiting my daughter and parents for Christmas. I'm at my daughter's house now and just finished watching a youTube video about snake handling churches. (I know it's an odd thing to do on Christmas Eve, but anyway)  It's pretty amazing to see. I know people can do a lot of things … Continue reading Taking Up Serpents

It’s Friday…..

Grueling day at work. I got a lot done but it was all new "got to have it now" projects and I made no progress on the work I was planning to do. Oh well, it's better to have "too much" work than not enough..... So today I abruptly decided to re-boot this blog. It's … Continue reading It’s Friday…..