Tuesday recap…..

I want to try to write something every day, even if it is just a brief recap of the day. Today was a good day ! I went walking twice; morning and lunch time for a total of over 12K steps. I try to get 10K steps in every day. Also, a productive day at work; I Pretty well cleared my desk….

An observation

My younger daughter sent me out on a mission to find and buy a jogging stroller she found on Craig’s List. The lady asked me if my daughter had ever had a jogging stroller and I told her she has had numerous strollers of all sorts. I think it’s funny that my wife and I had two kids and only one stroller the whole time !

Wednesday recap…..

A great start this morning; a nice 2 mile walk. Things quickly devolved when I got to work. I had to wrangle a really large spreadsheet which proved to be more than I anticipated; worked on it all day and will continue tomorrow. I hate those hit and run jobs when I already have plenty of work to get done ! Oh well, much better than unemployment. I had intended to go walking this evening but instead worked overtime.  Stand by for tomorrow…..

So, it was an extraordinarily busy weeke …

So, it was an extraordinarily busy weekend ! Wednesday is a blur, I do recall a bunch of snow. Thursday drive to State College, unload the car, drive to DuBois and brief visit with my ma and then Thanksgiving dinner, then back to State College ! Friday, oh Black Friday ! Toddler wrangling in the morning, then I went out looking around. I bought a printer / scanner and we got a new TV. Today, setting up the TV, take Buddy to the Park, set up the scanner, and still the house is in disarray because my daughter & family are still in the process of moving in. So maybe take it easy next weekend….

My most recent web search…

My most recent web search was for “computer science wikipedia links”. The reason for the search was to find a lengthy list of Wikipedia CS links that I had come across quite a while back.

So why was I searching for such a thing ? No reason in particular I guess; so now I have a link to the list on my blog….

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An observation made whilst having breakfast…..

It is fairly common knowledge that Americans waste a lot of food and that portion sizes are larger than they used to be, and we have an obesity problem. I’ve been aware of this for a long time but never gave it much thought. This morning I became acutely aware of this whilst having breakfast at Denny’s. I ordered an omelette sandwich, has browns, juice and coffee. I ate half of it and could not finish as I was feeling stuffed; there was enough on my plate to feed two people ! Also, there was a family of five at the table next to mine; when they were finished there was food on every one of their plates. Lesson learned from this: I intend to be more mindful of what and how much I eat thus alleviating my own obesity problem…..

Taking Up Serpents

Taking Up Serpents

I’m visiting my daughter and parents for Christmas. I’m at my daughter’s house now and just finished watching a youTube video about snake handling churches. (I know it’s an odd thing to do on Christmas Eve, but anyway)  It’s pretty amazing to see. I know people can do a lot of things through faith or intense mental concentration but it is still pretty astonishing. What really gets my attention though is the snakes. Why do these snakes not bite these people ? Sure it happens but usually it doesn’t. Makes me wonder, what’s up with these snakes ?

Article on Wikipedia about Snake Handling

It’s Friday…..

Grueling day at work. I got a lot done but it was all new “got to have it now” projects and I made no progress on the work I was planning to do. Oh well, it’s better to have “too much” work than not enough…..

So today I abruptly decided to re-boot this blog. It’s been a while since I posted in here as I had been using tumblr a lot instead. I shall make a pre-new years resolution. I resolve to write in this blog at least twice weekly and to post a link everyday.

Minding my appetite….

My Doctor told me I had to loose weight, so I have been mindful about what I eat for the past week. I have also been doing a lot of walking and it seems to be taking hold; as I lost 2 lbs. Today was doughnut day at the office but I was good and just said “NO !” but I did have pizza at lunch….