Universal Basic Income

Seems a very radical idea, and in fact it is. But the growing problem of income inequality combined with what seems to be the inexorable advance of technology seems to demand it. If we don’t have a Universal Basic Income there is likely to be social chaos as the wealthy fall prey to hordes of desperate unemployed people….https://goo.gl/qKtgmA 

Here is a project to make Kinetic Sand f …

Here is a project to make Kinetic Sand for little kids to play with http://goo.gl/7bXmWQ

I read a lot about how kids today spend way too much time online looking at screens. I think it is true; kids and adults are mesmerized by screens. We can’t blame it all on the kids, or the technology though ! Parents will often give a kid an ipad or iphone as a pacifier. I have been guilty of this myself.

The kinetic sand does have some drawbacks though; the first being the parent has to make it. Sometimes we are just too damn lazy and we take the easy way out and throw an ipad at the kid ! Sad but true.

Another drawback with the sand is that the kids will often favor the ipad or other device over something so mundane as sand. Yikes ! We may have created a monster with our over indulgence in technology…

“Every person I killed…..”

http://goo.gl/oqSGs “Every person I killed I strongly believe that they were bad,” he says. “When I do go face God there is going to be lots of things I will have to account for but killing any of those people is not one of them.” Chris Kyle, USMC Sniper

Quite an interesting article. I don’t think Chris is entirely correct in assessing God’s assessment of his actions but I do believe that in the end He will deal with him and everyone with grace and mercy….

Clothes: Are we attracting or repelling …

Clothes: Are we attracting or repelling potential converts? « Churchmouse Campanologist | Makes some good points about the importance of how we dress and present ourselves. This applies not only to the religious realm but to any situation. A case in point being: if you enter a redneck biker bar dressed in your preppy best, don’t be surprised if you attract some unwanted attention. And of course I could cite myriad examples. But the point is that one should be mindful of how they present themselves to others and the effect of their actions and appearance on those around them.

“The mind of humanity both individually …

“The mind of humanity both individually and collectively is the ecosystem of the gods….”

I conceived this thought this morning but I’m sure this idea did not originate with me. I’m certain that many would find the idea strange, illogical, or even heretical but I affirm this statement without compromising my Christian faith….

Advice I wish I received earlier….

Probably someone did advise me to save money and avoid credit cards but I don’t remember any specific advice like that. I may not have followed it any way, but for all the young people just starting out I say: build up a Savings starting now and avoid credit cards like a bad disease (if you can).

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Christianizing the US Military ?


This video claims that tax money is being used to Christianize the U.S. Military. I served in the Army for 20 years and I am a Christian so I thought I would comment on it. The video cites statistics and dollars which I really have no idea how accurate or not accurate they are. I can make a couple of points though…. Continue reading

My Favorite Month

My favorite month ? I will say December for various reasons, all centered on the holiday season. Even though it can be stressful, there is a certain excitement and anticipation throughout the month. I enjoy walking around, looking at stuff in stores and observing the people; there is way too much commercialization but still it can be interesting and enjoyable…

We always visit family on Christmas and have a great dinner courtesy of my sister in law. Now with the grand kids, it is even more fun….

What I like most about December though is that is when we Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Incarnation or the idea of God becoming one of us so that we can become like Him is to me a fascinating and awesome thing….

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I was watching CNN in the office break r …

I was watching CNN in the office break room this morning; they were talking about how numerous large corporations are sitting on large amounts of cash. They refuse to invest it in new ventures or expansion which would benefit the employment outlook and the economy as a whole. No, they just sit on it ! In some cases they actually have to pay the bank to keep it for them rather than getting paid interest ! Continue reading

worst nightmare…..

My worst nightmare: being locked in a room surrounded by Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Christine O’Donnell. All of them in black leather corsets, biker boots, with riding crops in hand….

Or even worse: any or all of them in positions of high responsibility and public trust. Such as President of the United States or Senator etc….

What I Worry About

I tend to worry frequently about a lot of things. Being 57 years old I really ought to know better; worrying doesn’t help ! Also, my experience so far has been that whatever happens is not nearly so catastrophic as I imagined it would be….

My favorite thing to worry about is money; I never have enough ! I think that particular anxiety is endemic amongst modern Americans but is generally unfounded….

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On Public Speaking

The idea of public speaking scares the hell out of me. When I was younger I joined the Toastmasters to help me gain self confidence. Speaking in front of the group was scary but also gave me a sort of rush. LOL ! I guess one could compare it to the rush people get from doing dangerous sports….

Sometimes in a class or small group I can really get into talking about an idea or issue and that I actually (sort of) enjoy; although it hasn’t happened in a good while….

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forgetting to remember….

What am I good at remembering and what do I always seem to forget ? Well to start off I will say that I tend to have a short attention span; frequently running on auto-pilot. How this came about I really don’t know but it is probably exacerbated by looking at spreadsheets all day and trolling about the web in my off hours. I’ve been trying to do better though by walking a couple times a day (try to anyway) and reading books on my Kindle in lieu of lurking on the web…. Continue reading

Cheap is good….

I was shopping in Walmart today and bought a nice little batch of groceries for under $100.00. I was pleasantly surprised because I thought it would be more; I like low prices…..

A while back I started reading a book Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture [Kindle Edition]. I Have not finished it but the premise of the book is that low prices cause a general deterioration of the econmy and the culture in general. I can see there is a lot of truth in that idea but I still like low prices….

Economists dread deflation more than anything else; my understanding from reading and talk shows.  But for me with limited cash and a plethora of bills; cheap is good !

Amazon Kindle: The Hangman's Daught …

Amazon Kindle: The Hangman's Daughter | Recently read this one. Interesting with many historical details and an intricate plot….

Interesting to note that Jacob, the Hangman, is in many ways a really decent person, quite intelligent and progressive but also seems to have no qualms about his work. Actually we all simultaneously exhibit both good and evil, seems to be the chronic human condition….

a couple of observations…..

I really like Fruit2day, a nice healthy snack or breakfast item.  I buy it at Safeway where it is usually $1.79 each; periodically on sale for $1.50. Monday morning I stopped at Safeway before work and noted that it was priced at $1.99 ! I declined to buy any. Anyway, same day, late afternoon they have it priced at $0.99 ! I bought ten of them.  Just sort of amazes me how something can vary in price so much !

I’m taking a break from transcribing a lengthy hand written list of items for an insurance claim.  The list (from the client) is infested with bad spelling, strange grammar, and odd word choices. I’m not an English teacher but I can pick that stuff out in a heartbeat. The really odd thing about this particular instance is that the client is really heavy into home schooling as evidenced by the plethora of textbooks, curricula etc. on the list. Seems rather odd to me….

LOL ! I better spell check this before I post ‘cause I know after ranting about spelling and grammar someone would be sure to “call me out” if they found anything here….

pondering the seeming invincibility of evil….

In response to a friend’s questions about why does evil seem to always get the upper hand ? Why do evil people always seem to come out on top ? Why are people so susceptible to evil ?

The short answer is that we really don’t know why God allows evil to exist and have so  much influence. I’m no theologian or philosopher but I do like to ponder things theological, so I collected some reading material that may be of interest to my friend and others with similar questions. Although it may seem like evil has the upper hand I live by faith that we have a good God and that He really does win in the end. Another thing I have confidence in is that whatever evil a persons does will follow them around and eventually bite them in the ass either in this world or the world to come; no one gets away with anything even if it seems like they do !

So here are links to the reading material as promised: