Little Lost Mug

In the back corner of the bottom shelf in back corner office, there sat a forlorn lonely little mug. The little mug was sad, very very sad. She thought no one wanted her, that no one would ever drink coffee or tea from her again. Then she saw a man come into the office.

The man, a kindly curmudgeonly sort, sat down at the desk and booted the computer. The computer wheezed and sputtered as the hard drive came to life and the screen began to flicker. The man logged in and then clicked on Firefox so he could check the blogs, surf the web, and perhaps do a spreadsheet or two.

Suddenly, the man growled and snarled. Then the man yawned, a big wide yawn that nearly unseated his jaw from its sockets. The yawn lasted nearly two minutes and was followed by a series of shorter yawns. The man growled and cursed, fussed and fumed. “Coffee”, he said, “I need some coffee, and I need it now !”

The man looked around the office and saw the little lost mug sitting forlorn and lost (and very sad) in the back corner of the bottom shelf. He reached out for the little mug and held her tightly as he extricated her from her dire predicament. The kindly old curmudgeon eyed her lovingly and said, “let me rinse you out, and then we can go for coffee”.  The little mug smiled sweetly.

Cradling the mug gently in his arms, he took her into the bathroom, and took off her lid. He looked deep inside her and a look of terror came over the man’s face ! His face turned red, then green ! The little mug was terribly frightened ! She asked, “what is the matter, is it something i did ?” She worried that it was her fault, that the man really didn’t want her anymore.

The little mug was filled with a vile greenish brown viscous fluid with a grayish green furry malignancy floating on top. At one time, long since past, this gangrenous mess had been coffee with cream. But, it wasn’t that anymore. “Don’t worry little mug, I can make you as god as new” he said as he poured the foul liquid into the toilet.

Then the man filled her to the brim with water and placed her in the microwave for five minutes. The two pieces from her lid were placed in the sink and rinsed thoroughly. When the five minutes were up, the man poured the boiling water over her lid pieces. Next, he gently wiped the little mug and her lid pieces off with a paper towel. Again he filled her with water and placed her in the microwave for another five minutes. He again poured the boiling water over her lid pieces and carefully wiped off all of her members.

When all traces of the evil liquid and diabolical mold had been removed from the little mug. He cradled her gently in his arms and they walked over to 7-eleven. He filled her with coffee, and now, both the man and the little mug are very happy !

Life is good !